Are Victoria And Greg Still Together? Victoria Fuller and Greg Grippos Relationship After Bachelor In Paradise

Are Victoria And Greg Still Together: Bachelor In Paradise Season 8 premiered first on September 27, 2022, and the fans of the show are currently wondering are Victoria and Greg still together or not. In this article, we will discuss more Bachelor in Paradise season 8 and are Victoria and Greg still together or not.   

by Krishika M | Updated Nov 29, 2022

Are Victoria And Greg Still Together? Victoria Fuller and Greg Grippos Relationship After Bachelor In Paradise
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Are Victoria And Greg Still Together?

The 2020 season of The Bachelor, starring Peter Weber, is when Bachelor Nation first got to know Fuller. She was associated with season 19 Bachelor Chris Soules after her relationship with the pilot fizzled. Following time spent together during the coronavirus lockdown, the two people parted ways in the fall of 2020. On the other hand, Grippo made his television debut on Katie Thurston's season of The Bachelorette, which aired in the summer of 2021. After their hometown date, he departed the show over the lead character. In November 2022, Viall dropped a video of Fuller kissing Grippo weeks before the BiP finale aired. Recently Victoria and Greg spent Thanksgiving together, sharing selfies via Instagram Stories on November 24, 2022. Though Victoria Fuller and Greg Grippo had a rough start, they are still together.


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Victoria And Greg Tattoo

After the engagement of Victoria with Johnny DePhillipo was canceled, Victoria left Mexico. During the finale of Paradise, Victoria took the opportunity to reveal her tattoo on the stage. When she revealed the tattoo, Greg came up on the stage and revealed his tattoo too, which was matching her design. The tattoo was tiny and read “CIAO", which is an Italian 'Hi.' The couple thus confirmed their relationship in this way and disclosed how they two got together.

"Bachelor In Paradise" Season 8

The Bachelor In Paradise season 8 premiered on September 27, 2022. Jesse Palmer was announced as the host of the show in May 2022, replacing long-time host Chris Harrison. The filming of this season took place in the town of Sayulita, located in Vallarta-Nayarit, Mexico. This was the first season not premiered in the usual summer schedule. A twist reminiscent of Casa Amor from Love Island was introduced following the second rose ceremony. After a few days, the men and women had to choose whether to bring a new person to Paradise or return alone in the hopes of running across their original partners. The men and women had been divided by gender, and each was introduced to a fresh group of the opposite sex. The first 19 contestants were revealed on August 26, 2022. Adam Todd from The Bachelorette Australia and Florence Moerenhout from The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise were the two international competitors in this season. Since season 5, foreign contestants have not participated in an American franchise competition.

Who Is Victoria Fuller?

Victoria Fuller was born on October 7, 1993, in Virginia, as Victoria Lynn Fuller. She worked at a yoga studio part-time, but her true passion is to become a medical sales representative. She was a contestant on the 24th season of The Bachelor. She was eliminated in the 9th week of the show. She then returned to the show and won the 8th season of Bachelor In Paradise. During her days in The Bachelor, Victoria dated Peter Weber. Initially, she was dating the country singer Chase Rice. Victoria was given a chance to grace the cover of Cosmopolitan while she was in the program. The magazine then withdrew its offer to put her on the cover after learning that she had participated in several modeling campaigns for products bearing the slogan "White Lives Matter" because it supports "Black Lives Matter." Then, she was in a relationship with her Bachelor co-star Chris Soules for five months. However, they parted ways on September 9, 2020. Victoria then met Johnny DePhillipo on the Bachelor In Paradise season 8, and they got engaged at the end of the show. Later, it was revealed that they both called off their engagement due to her relationship with Greg Grippo. 


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Who Is Greg Grippo?

Greg Grippo was born on June 5, 1993, in Edison, New Jersey. He was a contestant in the Bachelorette season 17 and quit the show in the seventh week. At the reunion of Bachelor in Paradise season 8, his relationship with Victoria was disclosed. Greg is a handsome, kind, and vulnerable guy who considers himself a hopeless romantic. Greg says he wants to have at least six children, but first, he and his wife want to explore the world. Greg also claims that his parents defined his notion of romantic goals and that he is very close to his family. Because of their love, expectations for what constitutes a happy marriage are extremely high. Greg is looking for a partner to spend his golden years with and treat like a queen.


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Are Victoria And Greg Still Together - FAQs

1. Are Victoria And Greg Still Together?

Yes. Victoria And Greg are still together.  

2. When did Bachelor in Paradise season 8 premiere first?

The Bachelor In Paradise season 8 premiered on September 27, 2022.

3. Who was the host of Bachelor in Paradise season 8?

Bachelor in Paradise season 8 was hosted by Jesse Palmer.

4. Are Victoria and Greg married?

No. Greg and Victoria are not married. 

5. Which season of The Bachelor did Victoria appear in?

Victoria was a contestant on the 24th season of The Bachelor.

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