Apple Event - How to watch Apple Event? Check Latest Apple Event, Apple Event Live Updates Here

Updated: Oct 17,2020 13:13 GMT

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Apple Event - Apple Event is all set to be there on the upcoming month of October. This time there will be few surprises for sure as Apple Event always comes up with great comebacks. Want to know more about the Apple Event? Are you actually excited for the Apple Event? Then hold up sooner because we are going to discuss few highlights of the Apple Event here in the article. 

Apple Event

Apple Event often comes up with surprises and this time it is going to be big and awesome. Apple Events is all set to plan its comeback on the 13th of October 2020 which is going to be conducted around 10 am pacific time. This year 2020 has seen a lot of unexpected ups and downs but then Apple does not stay back when it comes to holding the special event. Apple does not often participate in large industry-wide events like E3 or CES. Apple is one of the most valuable companies that conducts its own events and yes everytime it has its own events, it makes sure that the event becomes successful and has a great response.

How to watch Apple Event

Apple Event is all set to start on October 13th at 1pm Eastern and 10am Pacific timing on Tuesday. One can directly stream the live of the Apple Event through the official website of the Apple. You can also stream it through youtube and other platforms as well. This event would last up to some time that would introduce a few devices that are coming up recently in the market. The theme of the event this time would be speed. Apple event will be streamed at 10.30 pm as per the IST timing. One can expect the launch of new iPhones this time when the streaming happens. iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max will be for sure discussed at the Apple Event.

Apple Event - FAQ

1. How long do Apple events last?

Apple events is expected to last for about two hours.

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