Apex Legends Horizon Nerf, Apex Legends Horizon Explained, How To Fix Apex Legends Horizon Bug?

Apex Legends Horizon Nerf - Apex Legends Mobile was released on May 17, 2022, by developer Respawn Entertainment. More than 100 million players play this game all over the world. Many pro gamers of this game want to know Apex Legends Horizon Nerf. Let's check out the article and know about Apex Legends Horizon Nerf. 

by Thamizhalagi B | Updated Jan 11, 2023

Apex Legends Horizon Nerf, Apex Legends Horizon Explained, How To Fix Apex Legends Horizon Bug?
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Apex Legends Horizon Nerf

Apex Legends is an online multiplayer battle royale game that features squads of three players using pre-made characters with distinctive abilities, called Legends, similar to those of hero shooters. There are some alternate modes have been introduced allowing for single and two-player squads since the game's release. Even the game is free to play and monetized through microtransactions and loot boxes, allowing the player to spend both real money and in-game currency on cosmetic items such as outfits for the Legends and new colors for weapons. According to dotesports, this change is a bug or a nerf.No horizon changes were included in the Spellbound event patch notes, and developer Respawn Entertainment has not mentioned any Horizon nerfs publicly. Horizon has been a powerful force in both upper-level and pro play for the last few months, sitting at an incredibly high 23.7 pick rate and 45 percent win rate among master and Predator-level players. Even the power was mainly due to her ability to float and strafe in the air with no weapon accuracy penalty. Many players were quick to call the change a nerf. 

Apex Legends Horizon Explained 

Apex Legends Horizon is deployed N.E.W.T. to create a micro black hole that pulls players towards it. Even this throws a low-gravity device. 2seconds after landing, every player in a 10-meter radius is pulled toward the device, even through walls. This lasts 12 seconds. N.E.W.T . has 175 HP and can be destroyed to cancel the pull. N.E.W.T. is susceptible to friendly damage. Enemies are highlighted if the position is behind the N.E.W.T. Even philanthropist Lillian Peck proposed that due to the limited resources within the outlands, a critical energy crisis would occur within twenty years. 

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Apex Legends Horizon Change 

Apex Legends Horizon Change functionally acts as the nerf to Horizon, whose ability to hit shots while strafing back and forth in her Gravity Lift was part of what made her such a strong fighting character. But this is based on the fact that Respawn hasn't mentioned anything about the potential change to Horizon prior to the event, this is the most likely bug or otherwise unintentional change to the character. Even Apex has been small shadow nerfs in the past, such as when the loot in the Fragment POIs on World's Edge was nerfed. Even this is highly unlikely that Respawn would nerf a character as popular as Horizon without making any mention of the changes. 

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How To Fix Apex Legends Horizon Bug?

Respawn is working on a fix for the bug issue. The new video by Apex Legends Youtuber Monk3ysnip3r shows that using Horizon's gravity lift may cause the player's camera to fling around wildly. Two examples are shared in the video show where a player using the grav lift gets launched much further into the air than possible before being dragged back to the ground in an instant. While the game is not too bad of a bug, even this can't be good for the player's to be whipped around so forcefully.

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Apex Legends Horizon Nerf - FAQs

1. When was Apex Legends Mobile Game released?    

Apex Legends Mobile Game was released on May 17, 2022. 

2. Who is the developer of this game?    

Respawn Entertainment is the developer of this game.

3. What is the genre of this game?    

 First-person shooter, Battle royale game, Third-person shooter, Multiplayer online game

4. What is the file size of this game?    

This game file size is 1.34GB. 

5. How many players play this game?  

 100 million players play this game. 

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