Apex Legends Horizon Challenges: New Apex Legends Challenges to Reveal Agent Horizon

Updated: Oct 16,2020 09:20 GMT

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Apex Legends Horizon Challenges - Apex Legends recently dropped the trailer for their seventh season and revealed the new Agent Horizon through Apex Legends Horizon challenges. Apex Legends Horizon challenges is a series of in-game tasks that players need to complete to get a glimpse of the new agent. So if you are wondering what the Apex Legends Horizon challenges are and how to achieve them, Then you've come to the right place.

Apex Legends Horizon Challenges

Apex Legends usually reveal a new agent through an exclusive trailer. But this time they have announced the new agent 'Horizon' through Apex Legends Challenges. There isn't much to these challenges so players can complete Horizon challenges pretty quickly. The Apex Legends challenges need to be completed in two different game modes. The first part in the Firing Range and the second part in Battle Royale. Here's how you can do them

Apex Legends Challenges - Firing Range Challenges

Enter the Firing Range and interact with the monitor to view a special message from Horizon. This will unlock three Apex Legends challenges which you can complete in-game. These challenges are relatively easy, and you should be able to meet them in a couple of games. The three challenges are:

  • Deal 10 damage in mid-air
  • Acquire 10 knockdowns
  • Outlive 120 opponents

Once you're done with these, head back to the Firing Range and open the Supply Bin beside the monitor. You will receive keycards with which you need to boot up Gravity Lifts. This is the second part of the challenge.

Apex Legends Challenges - Gravity Lift Locations

The second part of Apex Legends challenges is activating gravity lifts. There are two of these in both World's Edge and Kings Canyon.

In World's Edge, you can find these lifts on the north side of the map. One can be found in Skyhook and the other in Refinery. Upon reaching, just interact with the machine. In King's canyon, the lifts are on opposite sides of the map. One is located at Airbase on the west, with another sitting in the East, right outside Repulsor.

Completing these Apex Legend Challenges will unlock a small trailer which will reveal the new agent 'Horizon'.

Apex Legends Horizon Challenges - FAQ's

1. Who is Horizon?

Horizon is the new agent to be released in Apex Legends.

2. Are Apex Legends Horizon Challenges difficult?

No, Apex Legends Horizon Challenges are fairly easy to complete.

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