Apex Legends Gravity Lift Location - Apex Legends, Apex Legends Skyhook Gravity Lifts,  Apex Legends Gravity Lift Location Here

Updated: Oct 17,2020 14:35 GMT

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Apex Legends Gravity Lift Location - Apex Legends Gravity Lifts With Horizon officially confirmed as the next character coming to Apex Legends, players can use the new Gravity Lifts to boost themselves into the air and rotate around the map. That's all you need to know about the machines, including every location and how to activate them. This article will help you to know more about the Apex Legends Gravity Lift Location.

Activate Your Apex Legends Gravity Lift Locations

Go to lobby, and you'll see these challenge settings

  • Deal 10 damage while mid-air
  • Get ten knockdowns
  • Outlive 120 opponents

Finish these three tasks first, then go back to the screen at the Firing Range. After the short video, the loot chest next to you will open. Grab the contents, and you'll receive yet another notification, saying new challenges are available. This second set includes:

  • Activate the Gravity Lifts in Refinery and Skyhook within World's Edge.
  • Activate the Gravity Lifts in Airbase and Repulsor Station within Kings Canyon

 Apex Legends Gravity Lift Location

You'll have your keycard by now, and it's time to use it and activate the Gravity Lifts. There are two of these machines on each map, so no matter if you're playing on World's Edge or Kings Canyon, you'll be able to make use of the devices. Note that due to the way map rotations work in Apex Legends, you won't be able to access both Kings Canyon and World's Edge right away. As such, you'll probably have to wait a bit before completing both parts of the challenge.

 Apex Legends Skyhook Gravity Lift

The first one is located in Skyhook at the cluster of buildings off to the southeast and the second one inside Refinery. Reach these locations and interact with the machine. You will see a small blue light come out of the pad on the floor, that will rocket you into the sky. The second set of Gravity Lifts are located on the opposite sides of Kings Canyon. The Air Base isIn the big open area next to the building labelled "82." Repulsor Station: Outside by the gate area leading into the station. You'll see a big drum structure with "9" written on it. The console should be straight ahead. With all four Gravity Lifts activated, go back to the Firing Range screen for one more video. For your efforts, you'll get a limited Horizon-themed Badge and Charm. That's everything you had to know about the Gravity Lifts in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends Gravity Lift Location - FAQ  

1. Do Apex legends have a story mode?

No, Apex is just a battle royale game, and I don't think there is ever gonna be a thing like a story mode in Apex Legends.

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