Animal Crossing Raymond - How To Get Raymond In Animal Crossing? Lets Know More Here!

by Shalini | Updated December 05, 2020

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Animal Crossing Raymond - In Animal Crossing New Horizon there are 391 villagers and Raymond is one among them and The VIllagers in Animal Crossing are anthropomorphic animals and only the player is a human. Animal Crossing has piled up more positive reviews for its game play and characterizations. But how to find these villagers in the game. Especially how to find Raymond. How to get Raymond in Animal Crossing? Scroll down to know how to get Raymond and more!

Animal Crossing Raymond

Raymond is introduced in Animal Crossing New Horizon and then in Pocket Camp. Raymond is a cat, a smug cat and he is loved by many. Animal Crossing players are longing to get Raymond. Let us find out the ways to get Raymond here.

Raymond Personality Animal Crossing

Raymond the smug cat with black paws and tail and heterochromia  is a kind gentleman in the game. Raymond is liked by most of the villagers and he gets along with them very well. He also fights with cranky villagers to show his pride. 

How To Get Raymond In Animal Crossing?

Following are the ways to get Raymond:

  • Try collecting more Nook Miles and you will have a chance to encounter Raymond if you are lucky.
  • Get a raymond from your friend. Ask your friend to annoy Raymond and once Raymond is sad comfort him by asking him to come to your island.
  • The final way is to trade raymond online from any stranger playing Animal Crossing with your Dodo code.


Animal Crossing Raymond - FAQ

1. Who is Raymond in Animal Crossing?

Raymond is a Smug Cat Villager in Animal Crossing.

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