Angry birds fight over Agra Fort, injured owl under treatment - Agra News

Agra, June 16 (IANS) It was a rare spectacle. Two angry birds were seen fighting mid-air over the Agra Fort, for survival and supremacy. The weaker one was eventually humble d, and lay gasping for its life.

by IANS | Updated Jun 16, 2020

Angry birds fight over Agra Fort, injured owl under treatment - Agra News

A barn owl and a black kite were spotted locking talons by CISF personnel. The face-off between these two large birds of prey ended with the owl sustaining a severe wing injury.

It was later rescued by a team of Wildlife SOS, and is currently under treatment at its centre.

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The aerial clash amused people down below. The bigger one obviously seemed to have won, but the owl somehow managed to free itself from the clutches of the kite and fell on the ground.

Worried for its well-being, the CISF officers present on the site immediately moved the owl indoors to safety before the Wildlife SOS team transferred the injured bird to its animal hospital for further treatment.

S. Ilayaraja, Deputy Director, veterinary services, Wildlife SOS, said, "The bird has sustained severe soft tissue damages in the right wing, because of which it is unable to fly. We are currently giving laser therapy along with all other required medication. The bird is currently under treatment and observation of our animal care unit."

The barn owl (Tyto Alba) is the most widely seen species of owl and one of the most widespread of all species of birds. They generally rest in unused burrows, tree cavities or terraces and prey on rodents, small mammals and birds.

The black kite (Milvus Migrans) is a medium-sized bird and is considered as an opportunistic hunter and is more likely to scavenge for food.

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