Anant Chaturdashi 2020 Date and Time: Anant Chaturdashi vrat vidhi, vrat katha, Anant Chaturdashi images and When is Anant Chaturdashi in 2020?

Anant Chaturdashi 2020 is observed on September 1 2020 , Tuesday and it is a festival observed by Hindus and Jains in India which falls Shuklapaksh of the bhadrapad month according to the hindu calendar .Anant Chaturdashi 2020 is primarily celebrated and meant for the worship and devotion towards lord Vishnu who is known as Creator of the World as per Hindu mythology.

by Suganya Vedham

Updated Aug 28, 2020

Anant Chaturdashi 2020 Date and Time: Anant Chaturdashi vrat vidhi, vrat katha, Anant Chaturdashi images and When is Anant Chaturdashi in 2020?

Anant Chaturdashi 2020

Anant Chaturdashi 2020 is considered to be the most auspicious day of the year. Anant Chaturdahi is considered to be most significant to worship lord Vishu.As per the mythology, the festival of Anant Chaturdashi has its roots within the epic Mahabharata. The day is being celebrated because the day of Lord Vishnu. 14 loks were created by the Lord which were Tal, Atal, Vital, Sutal, Talatal, Rasatal, Paatal, Bhi, Bhuva, Jan, Tap, Satya, mah. so as to follow and protect these, he lessened to the current mortal world within the type of 14 different avatars, which gave him the name of being infinite. He knew he had save his people and his creations, that these avatars played a serious role. Therefore, the day of Anant Chaturdashi has great importance, since you'll please the lord of creation himself and be blessed his choicest blessings. The fast thats being observed on these days also holds a serious significance. All this is often said to please him and supply you with never-ending life filled with bliss and contentment. it's also believed that together with fasting on these days, if any individual recites the Vishnu Sahasranama stotra, all his wishes are fulfilled and he gets what he desires for from the Lord. This fast is completed to realize wealth, abundance, and prosperity in ones life. the need of gettingample money, happiness and youngsters etc lures the person to hunt the lords blessings on his mortal existence. This fast is prevalent in many nations of India. On in this day and age folk tales of Lord Vishnu are heard by the members of the family.

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When is Anant Chaturdashi 2020  ?

  • Anant Chaturdashi 20202 Date - Sep 1,2020

  • Anant Chaturdahu 2020 time begins - 08.50 am Aug 31,2020

  • Anant Chaturdahu 2020 time ends -09.35 am Sep 1,2020

Anant Chaturdashi Vrat Katha - Anant Chaturdashi 2020

In the earlier period, there was a Brahmin named Sumant. He had a daughter named Sushila. Sushila was married with sage Koundinya. When Sage Koundinya took Sushila with him to his home, the night grew up and therefore the sage started performing evening prayers near the bank of the river. Meanwhile, Sushila saw that plenty of ladies were worshipping and offering prayers. She asked the ladies that to whom they're offering their prayers. They told her about the importance of worshipping Lord Anant and observing a quick for the day. After hearing about the importance of the fast, Sushila also wished to watch the fast of Anant Chaturdashi and tied a sacred thread on her arm comprising of 14 knots. Then Kaundinya asked Sushila about the mystery of the thread tied on her arm. She told the entire story and also the importance of worshipping Lord Anant. Kaundinya rejected everything and pulled the sacred thread and put it into the fireplace. His act resulted in losing all their wealth. Following the same, sage Kaundinya realized his mistake and regretted his actions. To apologize and rectify his mistakes, he decided to travel through a strict penance till the time Lord Ananta appears before of him. In spite of doing all the efforts and facing enormous hardships, Kaundinya wasn't ready to see the deity.When he realized that every one his efforts are moving intovain, he decided to kill. But when he was trying to  hang himself, he was saved by a hermit, who took the sage to a cave. Lord Vishnu himself appeared in front of Kaundaniya within the cave and advised him to look at a 14-year long vow to worship Lord Anant and keep a quick of Anant Chaturdashi so as to regain his lost wealth. Kaundinya promised and commenced observing an Anant Chaturdashi fast for 14 consecutive years with utmost sincerity. Therefore, since that day people observe a quick and offer prayers to Lord Vishnu on the day of Anant Chaturdashi with keen devotion.

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After the story got ended, Yudhishthira pledged to look at this fast together with his family, and after its successful completion he was ready to regain his lost kingdom and wealth.

Anant Chaturdashi Vrat Vidhi

Anant Chaturrdashi vrat vidhi is conducted by women who as per katha keep fast for the well being and prosperity of their Family , it s also observed that some men vow to keep the fast yearly upto 14 years to seek blessings of lord vishnu and for health and prosperity. On Anant Chaturdashi tying of thread over wrist also termed as “Mauli” coloured in haldi(turmeric) and kumkum is being followed by devotees which is meant to be removed after 14 days of period.

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According to Agni Puran, the significance  of observing a fast is being highly stressed upon. Anant Chaturdashi commemorates the incountable forms of the Lord Vishnu. The worshipping is done in the noon , the Anant chaturdashi vrat vidhi and Anant chaturdashi Puja Vidhi as follows:

1.  On Anant chaturdashi,  a bow and placement of  a kalash on the Pujan altar is done after proper bath.

2.  Kalash accompanied with Ashtadal lotus made of kush on a vase can is recommended or Lord Vishnu’s picture can be used in the absence of the former

3.  A thread is prepared by dipping it in vermilion, saffron, and turmeric. It imperatively have 14 knots which is to be kept in front of the idol of Lord Vishnu.

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4.  The thread is now to be worshiped and the idol and mantra chanting to be done along which is as follows:- 

   अनंत संसार महासुमद्रे मग्रं समभ्युद्धर वासुदेव।

   अनंतरूपे विनियोजयस्व ह्रानंतसूत्राय नमो नमस्ते।।

5.The thread or mauli enchanted with mantra is now to be tied on wrist 

5.  After this food is offered to the Brahmans 

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Anant Chaturdashi 2020 - FAQs

1. When is Anant Chaturdashi 2020  ?

Anant Chaturdashi 2020 is observed on September 1st ,2020 tuesday

2. Which lord is worshipped on Anant Chaturdashi ?

Anant Chaturdashi is a festival to worship lord vishnu

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