Ana Walshe Husband Arrested, All About Anna Walshe Investigation

Ana Walshe Husband Arrested: Cohasset, Massachusetts, Woman Anna Walshe's husband was arrested because he misled authorities during their investigation with regard to the disappearance of his wife. NBC10 Boston has received evidence that this is not the first time that he has misguided the law. In 2021 he pleaded guilty to federal fraud charges. This article will share information regarding Ana Walshe's Husband being Arrested.

by Samina Yusuf Laila | Updated Jan 09, 2023

Ana Walshe Husband Arrested, All About Anna Walshe Investigation
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Ana Walshe Husband Arrested 

46-year-old Brian Walshe has been taken under custody and is facing charges on counts of misleading an active police investigation in search of Anna Walshe. Since New Year's Day, Anna, 39, has not been seen by anyone. Court Documents from Brian's past have revealed that he has some criminal history. Brian pleaded guilty in 2021 to taking authentic paintings from a friend and selling photographs of those paintings on eBay. He was selling the photographs along with a few documents, according to the leads found in court.

Why Was Ana Walshe Husband Arrested?

When a customer discovered two Andy Warhol paintings up for sale on eBay in 2016, the case got its start. Prosecutors claim that the listing featured images of authentication stamps. The purchaser made arrangements to pay $80,000 for the "Shadows" series artworks. The buyer, however, found out there were no authentication markings and that the canvas appeared to be brand-new after having a helper pick up the paintings. An FBI inquiry resulted as a result of this.

According to court records, Brian Walshe got access to the paintings by promising to assist in selling them for a good price to a friend who was the rightful owner of them. That friend, however, claimed that once Brian Walshe took the artwork, he was unable to get in touch with him. The piece of art in question was worth millions of dollars. In relation to that investigation, Brian Walshe was detained in 2018. In the end, he would enter a guilty plea to one count each of wire fraud, interstate transportation for a fraudulent scheme, possession of stolen items, and illegal financial transactions. 

Anna Walshe Investigation

Police from both the state and the city are still looking into Ana Walshe's disappearance. Walshe, a wife and mother of three young boys wouldn't go days without interacting with her family, according to friends who spoke with NBC10 Boston.

Less than 12 hours after state and local police announced they had finished their search efforts focused near the couple's home off Chief Justice Cushing Highway, Cohasset police referred all inquiries to the district attorney's office after investigators returned to the Walshe family home.

Ana Walshe Missing 

Anna's husband has misguided the investigation of his wife, who has been missing since New Year's day, and he has been arrested by the police for the same. Even though Cohasset and Massachusetts State Police declared in a statement on Saturday that their ground search "for Ana Walshe or evidence linked to her disappearance is finishing," that search continued. It's unclear whether Sunday's operation was a follow-up search or had anything to do with Brian Walshe's detention.

The mother is still missing, and police are asking for the public's assistance in finding her. She was last seen by a family member at her Cohasset home around 4 or 5 a.m. Sunday. Her husband reported her missing on Wednesday, and her workplace in Washington, D.C., also told authorities that she had not been seen.

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Ana Walshe Husband Arrested - FAQs

1. How old is Anna Walshe?

Anna is 32 years old.


2. How old is Anna Walshe's husband?

Anna's husband is 39years old.

3. What is Anna Walshe's husbands name?

His name is Brian.

4. When was Anna last seen?

Anna was last seen on New years day.

5. What did Anna's husband do?

Anna's husband has misguided the investigation in search of his wife.

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