An Ex Policeman Riddle - Check out the An Ex Policeman Riddle Answer & Explained

Updated: Sep 03,2020 09:23 GMT

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An Ex Policeman Riddle: An Ex Policeman Riddle is currently trending in various social networking platforms like facebook, twitter, whatsapp, instagram. An ex policeman Riddle is a brain twister which is very tricky and funny as well. Check out the An Ex Policeman Riddle and the logical explanation in the article below and challenge your friends and family.


Why should one solve an Ex Policeman riddle?

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What is an Ex Policeman riddle?

Here is the complete an ex policeman riddle,

"An ex policeman lost his house, his car, his girlfriend. What did he lose first?"

Let's give our brain some time to figure it out.

What is the answer for the an Ex Policeman riddle?

The answer for the an ex policeman riddle is that he lost his job first.


He can be an ex policeman only when is no more a police. So it must be the job that he lost first after which he might have lost house, car and girlfriend.




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An Ex Policeman riddle - FAQ

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By adding two more matches to the already existing three matches, we can make the symbol of roman number eight, thereby proving the statement.


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