Among Us Monster Mode - How To Play Among Us Monster Mode?

Updated: Nov 17,2020 12:07 GMT

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Among Us Monster Mode - Among Us Monster Mode is one latest new game mode that has been introduced by the Among Us fans and Among Us has this unique switching up game mode in it and that is one of the inetersting game mode that keeps up the player stay for a longer time in the game. Want to know more about Among Us Monster Mode? Just stick with us in this article and we will dicuss about the Among Us Monster Mode that has been hitting up the market recently.

Among Us Monster Mode

Among us is one such game that has switching up game modes which is interesting part of the game and not only that, the fans of this game have introduced this Among Us Monster Mode lately which is not available directly but one needs to needs to modify the rules in the in-game settings and then get this new mode which will be available to play after that. The new Among Us Monster Mode is actually introduced by the fans of the game that is unique and because of this uniqueness, this game has a good player base. This specific mode in the game helps the player to experience a good level of gaming techniques with their friends and therefore it is preferred more by the players. 

Among Us Monster Mode - Rules and the in-game settings

There are certain rules that needs to be followed when one is playing with the Among Us Monster Mode. Those rules are mentioned below.

- You cannot call the emergency meetings.

- Imposters are allowed to vent-kill the crewmates.

- The Ghosts won't be allowed to call the killer's identity.

- The identity of the imposter will no tbe revealed until a crewmate tend to witness a murder at the beginning of the game.

- The dead bodies can;t be reported.

- Imposters are allowed to lock the doors, turn off the lights and sabotage comms.

- The crewmates will be able to warn others if in any case they are approaching near the location of the killer.

Now, let us have a look at the in-game settings of the Among Us Monster Mode which will help the players further to proceed with the game with this exclusive mode.

  • Kill Cooldown - 10 seconds
  • Kill Distance - Medium
  • Long tasks - 0
  • Short tasks - 5
  • Player Speed - 1.5x
  • Crewmate Vision - 2.0x
  • Visual Tasks - On
  • Common tasks - 0
  • Impostor Vision - 0.25x

These are the in-game settings that the player should know about. This latest mode is filled with adventures and fun like that of a horro movie, thet the players will like and also have a great gaming experience at the same time. 

Among Us Monster Mode - FAQ

1. Are there any in-game settings in the game? 

Yes, there are in-game settings in the game.

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