Among Us Custom Game Modes Check Here - Check Among Us Different Game Modes, Among Us Modes 2020 Details Here!

by Shalini K | Updated December 11, 2020

social social social social Among Us Custom Game Modes Check Here - Check Among Us Different Game Modes, Among Us Modes 2020 Details Here!

Among us, custom game modes have been invented by the Among Us fans by altering some basic rules, settings, and format of the game and It is a very simple social deduction game in which four to 10 players are dropped in an alien spaceship. There are 5 best game modes in Among Us. In this article, you can find the best Among us custom game modes 2020. To know among us custom game modes, simply scroll down. 

Among Us Custom Game Modes 2020

Among us is a social deduction game where players will be dropped in an alien spaceship and each player will be designated a private role, either as a crewmate or as an imposter. The main aim of cremates is to complete all the tasks and detect the imposter, while the imposter's sole objective is to kill the entire crewmate. The players of Among Us have created some best custom game modes. What are among us custom modes? Among us different game modes, among us modes 2020 are given below. 

  • Hide and Seek Mode- In this mode, the imposter shall give a countdown at the beginning, declaring him/her as an imposter. After the countdown ends, they will start to hunt the crewmates to kill them before they complete their tasks. 
  • Dead by Daylight Mode- In this mode, some necessary tweaks are required, as it's quite similar to the hide and seek mode. The players will be playing in the darkness which makes the game more difficult and terrifying. 
  • Frantic Mode- In this mode, the killer’s terror will always haunt the crewmates as they see dead bodies lying around which literally cannot be reported. So, players will have to pave their way through the darkness to complete their mission. 
  • Murder, She Wrote Mode- In this mode, only the player who reported the dead body could answer the question. 
  • Small Talk Mode- In this mode, players will have only 5 words to speak in the discussion round, which helps build up the agitation of speaking out the truth. So players will have to be careful with their choice of words. 

Among Us Custom Game Modes - FAQ

1. What are the custom game modes of among us?

The custom game modes in among us are, Hide and Seek, Dead by Daylight, Frantic, Murder She Wrote, and the Small Talk Mode. 

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