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About Love Question Answer, Check About Love Summary, Questions and Answers

About Love Question Answer - One of the important chapters particularly for class 12 students, About Love, has some of the most important About Love Question Answer from the point of view of exams. We have here both the About Love summary and About Love Question Answers that students can make use of to prepare for their exams.

by Maria Thomas | Updated Oct 13, 2021 11:39 AM

About Love Question Answer, Check About Love Summary, Questions and Answers
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About Love Class 12

Anton Chekov, the Russian author known for his plays and short stories, is also the author of the short story About Love published in 1898. The story as the title suggests is about the powerful emotion love and the various manifestations of love. This chapter is one of the most important chapters for class 12 students as this is one chapter from which a number of About Love Question Answers are asked in the main exams. Thus, it is advised that the students are prepared with the About Love Question Answer and the About Love summary that will help them immensely when attending exams. Though About Love on its own guarantees various queries of late because of the About Love class 12 status a number of questions on the internet are surrounding this About Love class 12 chapter especially About Love question and answer.

About Love Summary Class 12

Before we venture to look at the About Love question answer let us find out what the story About Love is all about from the summary of About Love.

The story of About Love is narrated by Alyohin. The premise of the story is set in a breakfast room with Alyohin and his two friends Bufkin and Ivan. The story shows Alyohin narrating three love stories each with a different take on love and with a different moral at the end. The first story is the story of two servants in the employment of Alyohin - Nikanor and Palageya. Their love is portrayed on a more primal and physical plane. We are shown the quick tempered and abusive nature of Nikanor and the accepting tendency of Palageya. 

The second story is of Alyohin himself when he was at a younger age. The story delineates the story of Alyohin and a Russian girl that he meets at the university where he studied. This story very much like the previous is of the material world, though here it is the relation of money and wealth with love that is highlighted. While the first story portrayed the physical abuse by Nikanor of Palageya, the second portrayed the financial abuse by the Russian girl of Alyohin.

The third and final story in the story About Love is according to Alyohin, is the perfect love. This is yet another story of Alyohin, though this time it's not the Russian girl, rather it is a girl named Anna who is the wife of Dimitry Luganovich. Though they fall in love, exchange gifts and spend time together, they are not able to take their relationship to the next level, because of the fact that Anna is married. Finally Anna leaves for Creamea and we have a broken hearted Alyohin. His perception of love is jaded because of this experience and for him love does causes nothing but hurt and heart ache.

About Love Question Answer

1: The second paragraph of “About Love” is a brief account of a violent love affair between two servants. Is it significant that Alyohin is the source of this anecdote? How does the anecdote contrast with Alyohin's own story ?

In the second paragraph of the story, Alyohin is the source of this story because in the story Alyohin is not only a character but also the narrator. The whole story revolves around him and his storytelling except slight intervention in the first and last paragraph of the story. As he is the narrator, whatever he tells about others and about himself should be believed without any question. The anecdote makes a contrast with Alyohin's own story. The contrast between the love affair of Nikanor Pelageya and Alyohin Anna is clear and innocent. In the first love story, the hero and heroine belong to a socially inferior class whereas in the second love story, they belong to a socially superior and cultivated class of people. And moreover, the love between the first couple is an ordinary and usual love between a man  and women to be materialized by marriage but love between Anna and Alyohin is of higher level, an unusual love which goes beyond the social limitation and matrimonial bonds . 

2: Describe the three dimensions of love in “About love” by Anton Chekhov? What kind of love experiences are suggested by Alyohin in about love? What are the three types of love affairs discussed in the story about love? 

Alyohin has suggested three types of love stories in “About Love”. The first love story is between Nikanor and Pelageya which is violent. love story. She only wants to live with him in a living relationship. There is a sexual passion behind it. The second love story is between Alyohin and a Russian girl which is related to wealth/money or monetary love story. Here, sex is exchanged with money. She only loves Alyohin money, not him.

And the third love story is between Alyohin and Anna Alexeyevna which is a spiritual and unexpressed love story. Alyohin doesn’t express their love thinking that it will break up the whole household ie. the life of her husband, children and also ruin their life and happiness. He was also afraid of society and its morality. On the other hand, Anna thinks that she also thinks that she was not young enough to live with him.

3: How does an account of the occasion and of the setting in which the narrative occurs affect our understanding of Alyohin?

Ans:  First two paragraphs of the story provide an appropriate setting to the story. The story starts with an occasion where a few friends, including Alyohin, are having a leisurely time, perhaps celebrating their holiday. What they all are doing is eating, drinking and talking. As time goes on, Alyohin starts talking about the love affair between Nikanor and Pelageya and the nature of their behaviour. Their conversation turns to the subject of love which leads to the telling of Alyohin’s own love story. Alyohin’s statement about love is very much influenced by his own experience. By telling his own love story, he wants to free love from marital bonds. So, the setting does affect our understanding of Alyohin.

4: Sketch the character of Alyohin

Alyohin was an educated man. He was a bachelor and lived alone in Sofyino. He had to work hard on his farm to clear his debt which his father had taken from the bank and spent on his education. Alyohin preferred the life of an armchair man. He desired a civilized living of the upper class but he could not afford it. In the past, while he was a university student, he fell in love with a girl who only loved his money. Since he was elected honorary justice of the peace, he often visited the town to take part in court sessions. Once he was invited to the home of Luganovich for dinner. There he met Anna Alexeyevna, aged 22 and married to Dmitry Luganovich. They fell in love with each other but could not express their love. They chatted for hours, went to the theatre together but they parted coldly the next time. Later Anna suffered from nervous prostration and was sent to Crimea for treatment. During her departure, Alyohin showed his courage to confess his love and kissed her on the train. They hugged each other and cried. Finally, both of them bade goodbye and parted with each other forever

5: An atmosphere of inertia is established in the opening paragraphs of the story. Cite some specific details which help to create this atmosphere. Is this air of indecisive leisure suggested again at the end of the story? What is the connection between this atmosphere and Alyohin’s behaviour with the women he loves, and the outcome of their relationship?

The story begins with an occasion where few friends are having leisurely time. They are eating, drinking and talking about anything they like. They have already had their breakfast and the cook again comes to ask what they would like for dinner. This occasion helps to create the atmosphere of inertia in the sense that they have nothing special to do except eating, drinking and talking. The same air of leisure is suggested again at the end of the story. As Alyohin is telling the story, the rain stops, the sun comes out and two friends Burkin and Iva go out on the balcony and enjoy a fine view of the garden. The atmosphere was a close connection with Alyohin’s behaviour with the women he loves. Alyohin seems to be a lovely fellow and he is always disturbed by the memory of his beloved Anna. Whenever he has any free time, he can’t help telling his love story to others. This also suggests that he has got a lifelong grief and misery as the outcome of his relationship with Anna.

6: Why did alyohin and anna conceal their love?

The love story between Alyohin and Anna Alexeyevna is a spiritual and unexpressed love story. Alyohin doesn’t express their love thinking that it will break up the whole household ie. the life of her husband, children and also ruin their life and happiness. He was also afraid of society and its morality. On the other hand, Anna thinks that she also thinks that she was not young enough to live with him.

7: Why is Alyohin compared to a squirrel in a cage?

Alyohin friend’s compared him to a squirrel in a cage. The reason behind it is; Alyohin is a university-educated student but he has to live in a village/country and doing farming in order to pay debts that his father borrow at the time of his study. He has a dream to live a luxurious life, higher studies, and involve in scholarly activities but his all dream was flooded. There is no middle way rather than doing farming in the country.

Once again, his friend compared him to a squirrel in a cage at the last of the story when he told his love story to Anna. They were sorry for it what has happened to Alyohin. Here his friend compares to squirrel in a cage because Alyohin can’t do anything knowing that Anna was also loving him.

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About Love Question Answer - FAQs

1. Is About Love a novel?

About Love is a short story

2. Who is the author of About Love ?

About Love is written by Anton Chekov

3. Is About Love a Russian Short story?

Yes, About Love is a Russian short story

4. When was About Love published?

About Love was published in 1898

5. When was Anton Chekov born?

Anton Chekov was born in 1860

6. What are some of the other works of Anton Chekov?
  • The Bet
  • Gooseberries
  • The Chameleon