5 Star Characters Genshin Impact, What Are The Top 5 Must-Have 5 Star Characters In Genshin Impact?

5 Star Characters Genshin Impact: If you're looking for 5 Star Characters Genshin Impact, then you've come to the right place and there are numerous characters in the Genshin Impact 5 Star Characters list. In this article, we will see about 5 Star Characters in Genshin Impact and the Top 5 Must-Have 5 Star Characters In Genshin Impact.

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5 Star Characters Genshin Impact, What Are The Top 5 Must-Have 5 Star Characters In Genshin Impact?
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Genshin Impact

Chinese developer miHoYo released Genshin Impact in 2020 as a role-playing action game. The game has an open-world landscape in the anime style and an action-based battle system that incorporates elemental magic and character switching. During combat, switching between characters is rapid and straightforward, allowing the player to use a wide range of skill and attack combinations. The genshin impact game is free to play and is supported by gacha game mechanics that allow players to purchase new characters, weapons, and other items. Genshin Impact is set in the fictional world of Teyvat, which is home to seven distinct nations, each of which is tied to a different element and ruled by another god.

5 Star Characters Genshin Impact

Here is a list of the Genshin Impact 5 Star Characters and a list of their weapons. Weapon type, tier, element, ranking rarity, and more are all included in the Genshin Impact 5 Star Characters. In Genshin Impact, there are many characters to know, but which ones are Genshin Impact 5 Star Characters? Let's see what we can find out. Keep reading the below content.

All 5 Star Characters In Genshin Impact

All 5 Star Characters Name Weapons
Albedo Sword
Aloy Bow
Ayaka Sword
Ayato Sword
Diluc Claymore
Eula Claymore
Ganyu Bow
Hu Tao Polearm
Itto Claymore
Jean Sword
Kazuha Sword
Keqing Sword
Klee Catalyst
Kokomi Catalyst
Mona Catalyst
Qiqi Sword
Raiden Polearm
Shenhe Polearm
Tartaglia Bow
Traveler (Anemo) Sword
Traveler (Electro) Sword
Traveler (Geo) Sword
Venti Bow
Xiao Polearm
Yoimiya Bow
Yae Miko Catalyst
Zhongli Polearm

Top 5 Must-Have 5 Star Characters In Genshin Impact

1. Kazuha

The versatility of Kazuha earned him a spot on this list. He may be deployed in a variety of elemental damage-based teams. In time-based trials like the Spiral Abyss, his crowd management talents are helpful. In Genshin Impact, having Kazuha makes things easy. He may assist the team in various ways, from destroying shields to dealing with swarms of opponents.

2. Zhongli

Shield characters are still relevant in Genshin Impact, despite effects like corrosion and anti-shield foes. As a result, Zhongli is a must-have gadget. If properly constructed, the Geo-Archon may create impenetrable defenses and even deal significant damage with its Elemental Burst. Zhongli, unlike damage dealers, is difficult to replace. A character's ability to reduce enemy resistance, shields, explosive damage, improved physical and elemental damage resistance, and petrification effect by 20%.

3. Ganyu

In Genshin Impact, damage dealers will always be an essential character type. Players enjoy seeing their units do hundreds of thousands of damage and clearing endgame content such as the Spiral Abyss. Ganyu is a 5-star character who can make the majority of boss fights simply. Broken is an apt description for the five-star cryo bow user. Thanks to Amos ' bow, she's the most potent DPS unit ever.


Eula is a Cryo DPS character specializing in doing physical damage to adversaries. The 5 star Claymore user is one of the game's most powerful characters, with the most incredible base ATK of all claymore users. Eula's elemental ability can lower foes' Cryo and physical resistance. Her Elemental Burst, in addition, deals a lot of AoE Physical and Cryo DMG.

5. Raiden Shogun

Raiden Shogun is undoubtedly one of Genshin Impact's most well-balanced five-star heroes. With her Elemental Burst, she can be a battery for any squad, dealing explosive AoE electric damage.

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5 Star Characters Genshin Impact - FAQs


Ayato. Kamisato Ayato is the next new Genshin Impact character, due to appear in the 2.6 update. He is a five-star Hydro sword user, and is not only Ayaka's older brother, but also the head of the Kamisato Clan and the Yashiro Commissioner.

2. Who is the strongest Genshin Impact character in 2022?  

Genshin Impact is one of the most popular MMPORG games in 2022. The Genshin Impact tier list is important for players to be able to find out which character will provide them with the best performance.

3. Will 5-star characters come back to Genshin Impact?  

It is confirmed that all characters in Genshin Impact will at least be re-runned once, and even characters first appearing a long time ago, for example, Albedo, have had a re-run this year.

4. Who is the rarest 5-star character in Genshin Impact?  

Two of the rarest characters in Genshin Impact appear to be Venta and Diluc. Both are 5-star characters, and they're more typically desired than other 5-stars like Jean and Keqing. Diluc is incredibly powerful, and he's currently available through the Wanderlust Invocation Wish.

5. Is Kokomi a 5 star?    

Her Elemental skill works in the same fashion as Mona's, and her Burst resembles Yanfei's, or even Childe's skill. She scales with HP, and just like Zhongli, she can easily get to 50k without compromising any other desired status.

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