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123 Go Lyrics - Are you searching for the 123 Go lyrics? Then this article will be helpful to know the full Lyrics of 123 Go Song. 123 Go is the latest song written by Shifty UK, Ghetts, Devlin & Wiley and the singer of the 123 Go song is Wiley. Read on 123 Go lyrics by Wiley “Yo, the last time I told 'em I showed 'em Rolled through the cold in an old black Corolla” For full 123 Go lyrics scroll down.

123 Go Lyrics Wiley

Hope you are eager to know 123 Go lyrics, come lets have a look at the 123 Go Song lyrics.

1, 2, 3.. Let's go!

[Verse 1 - Wiley]

Yo, the last time I told 'em I showed 'em
Rolled through the cold in an old black Corolla
Holding a grudge against olders
We can go bar for bar, sober
I ain't looking over shoulders
I'm standing firm, no (??)
No bars allowed that are swag in a folder
Say they're on another level but i'm having them over

1, 2, 3.. Let's go!

[Verse 2 - Ghetts]

Two against two
Check the outcome and it's done
Man I swear Wil's gonna wanna do a next tune
When I write and I spot man are doing excuse
I'll be writing them off no comebacks due
G-H I be the reason there's a heatwave
It's about to heat up like a gun cannon

1, 2, 3.. Let's go!

[Verse 3 - Shifty]

They wanna lyrical war so i'm on it
Them man are shit homegrown, i'm chronic
Them man are coming like tails, i'm Sonic
Them man are bad bellyache, i'm vomit
In front of them there car boots and bonnet
They're not real at all, they're far from it
You ain't a gun man you wish you was on it
You hate 2pac like Christoper Wallace

1, 2, 3.. Let's go!

[Verse 4 - Devlin]

Don't be mad at me, i'll put you into casualty
Quicker than an MP snatches up their salary
Devlin's in the gallery, rapidly savaging these savages happily
Calmly and callously
Break down your strategy with pinpoint accuracy
When I set you alight like a candles wick
You'll get burnt like a spliff or a calorie
Your mind is adrift from reality

1, 2, 3.. Let's go!

[Verse 5 - Ghetts]

Who's after? Better come harder
I helped Wil' become faster
Skippy with the flow that's nothing but talent, credibility
I locked it like a governed prison facility
And ever since all my activity
Man are like G G G but I done a man similarly
Work with the spirits I done spiritually

1, 2, 3.. Let's go!

[Verse 6 - Wiley]

Silly choice, silly move, silly again
Silly with him, you're silly with them
Who's got lyrics, I ain't gotta tell them again
If I never had any of them, we'd be singing again
When I'm not around man will start living again
You wanna live in a two, I wanna live in a ten
Go and ask PPL fam I did it again

1, 2, 3.. Let's go!

[Verse 7 - Devlin]

Yeah lager and spliffs
You silly MC's sound dry like your mouth after you spit
Now pass me a spliff, biro, a pen and a pad and let me show you what arsenic is
I make the ravers shake like a Parkinsons fit
I going on dark in this shit
MC's wanna act up but their shoes just don't fit
So they can't take part in this script

1, 2, 3.. Let's go!

[Verse 8 - Shifty]

I fry mic with hype, my mind's too frightening
So try bite I might decide to strike him
I'm like Iron Mike my rights too frightening
My minds high like I've been trying the white shit
But I like the dust been writing at night shit
I rise high like heights, this guy's too firing
So like bright lights this guys crew's shining

1, 2, 3.. Let's go!

[Verse 9 - Wiley]

Magic, magic, magic effect
Panic, panic, flow like a strally
Except I throw a little rap in there
And if you want it I'll be catching up
Can't see me yet like a present that needs wrapping up
Had enough nar I've been killing lyrics
When I'm in the yard chilling watching Madagascar
I see starch like a pan of pasta
I am a rasta

1, 2, 3.. Let's go!

[Verse 10 - Ghetts]

Had it, had it, gave it to another MC
I washed my whole style vanish
Can't get it out cause it's not his flow
Give him twenty goes and he still won't have it
MC's get spun over see
A number one ain't one over me
I'm erratic to a cabbage
I'm the best on the planet
So if niggas want beef then they'll see the matic

1, 2, 3.. Let's go!

[Verse 11 - Shifty]

Wait, i'm not one for fussing a fighting
But if it goes off I will but him and bite him
Hook him like Tyson, I will uppercut him and strike him
Treat him like butter, knife him
Who's on the floor I can look at him frightened
Fuck all this running and hiding
Cause every bodies doubting that Shifty's running this grime ting
Come on firing

1, 2, 3.. Let's go!

[Verse 12 - Devlin]

Fucking deep like life in the Mayans
Look into my mind and you're likely to find
A microchip of the tiniest size, telling me to paralyse guys
Just like Iron Mike in his prime
But you ain't got the IQ to even decipher my rhymes
And now you're pushing your look
Like sleeping with sluts and bussing inside them twice

1, 2, 3.. Let's go!

[Verse 13 - Wiley]

Brain freeze got a trick up my sleeve
Believe the hype, if not if it's written in green
I mean your G's deceased, couldn't flow with a team
We beamed on, R8T 40 g's
Please, 40 fees when I go on an earner
All 40 p's when I go on a burner
White square with a red L cause you're a learner
You're talking top three when it don't concern ya

1, 2, 3.. Let's go!

[Verse 14 - Shifty]

A few of them hate on the team that a rep
That could be seen as a threat
Them man think their big dogs
Til I put dogs down like I work on the machine in a vet
Don't care if you think that your team is the best
I'm a big bird don't dare put your beak in my nest
I'm waiting
And I created a bigger buzz than a million bees in a nest

1, 2, 3.. Let's go!

[Verse 15 - Ghetts]

I liked it so I tried it
And when I tried it I realised it was my thing
No accent but rhymes that I'm writing are inspiring
And driving all the up and coming dons in this grime ting
Started with lightening back in '04
Who said the top three don't concern me
But I dont think my mercy's 4th (?)

1, 2, 3.. Let's go!

[Verse 16 - Devlin]

I'm a danger with a pen in my palm like Joe Pesci
Keep your backs to the wall like a flat screen tele
I'm actually thin but with lyrics i'm naturally heavy
So how many can match me not many
I'm picking any adversary in a second what do you reckon
Cause i'm on the ball like Lionel Messi
Have your clientele ready
I'm hotter than the fucking Serengeti

123 Go Lyrics - Overview

123 Go Song Lyrics Details
Singer Wiley
Written By Shifty UK, Ghetts, Devlin & Wiley
Release Date July 8, 2010

123 Go Song Lyrics Release Date

The 123 Go Song is a beautiful composition and the 123 Go Song is sung by Wiley. The most awaited 123 Go song was released on July 8, 2010. Such awesome lyrics that make us feel brighter and crazy. If you want to memorize the 123 Go lyrics then you are in the right place. Here you can check the full 123 Go lyrics, 123 Go cast, crew and more.

Key factors about 123 Go Song Lyrics

The 123 Go Song will be your favourite track once you note the inner meaning of the lyrics. 123 Go lyrics was written by Shifty UK, Ghetts, Devlin & Wiley and the song had its official release on July 8, 2010
The Singer of the 123 Go Song is Wiley
The 123 Go Song starts with “Yo, the last time I told 'em I showed 'em”. Thanks to the lyricists who made the 123 Go Song to reach great heights

123 Go Lyrics - FAQ's

1. When did 123 Go Song Released?

The 123 Go Song was released on July 8, 2010.

2. Who is the Singer of 123 Go Song?

The singer of 123 Go Song is Wiley.

3. Who are the Lyricists for 123 Go Song?

The Lyricists for 123 Go Song is Shifty UK, Ghetts, Devlin & Wiley.

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