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11 Reasons Why Your Instagram Followers Never Grow: Find the Reasons Here

11 Reasons Why Your Instagram Followers Never Grow: Instagram is all about followers and the number of likes on your posts. The fun part of Instagram is socialising, adding stories and posting your favourite pictures. But imagine your account stagnant without any followers to socialise or like your pictures. Here are the 11 Reasons Why Your Instagram Followers Never Grow to help you correct your mistakes.  

by Rishavanthey Kamalak | Updated Sep 22, 2021 11:21 AM

11 Reasons Why Your Instagram Followers Never Grow: Find the Reasons Here
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11 Reasons Why Your Instagram Followers Never Grow

Celebrities don’t spend their time worrying about followers and not getting enough likes. But regular Instagram users and small business owners struggle to gain followers for their accounts. Building your insta profile can be tedious and take up so much time but with the right effort, you can easily achieve your goal. The Instagram algorithm decides which post gets seen and what kind of posts will be seen more on the “explore” feed. So working on that as well will help you reach more people. 

1. Insufficient Interaction With The Audience

Interacting with the audience is as important as creating content. Engaging with your followers from time to time will create a great impression about you among the followers and make them comfortable around your Instagram handle. Once in a while post “Aske Me” Questions and “Instagram Poll”. 

2. Lack Of Consistency

Consistency is all you need to establish yourself for your followers. In the beginning, you will keep posting content and be consistent but as days pass on the posting graph will drop down and this may lead to your disappearance from your follower's account. 

3. Being Anonymous

If your profile requires a personal touch the best way is to show your face to your followers. If your followers know how do you look it would help them to feel you more. But if you don’t show your face but just keep posting on your social media you will be anonymous for your followers and some tend to unfollow you because of anonymity.  

4. Deficit Interaction With Other Accounts

You need to have an equal balance while interacting with other Instagram handles. If you go around asking other Instagram accounts to promote your account, it won’t give away a very good image of you. 

5. Lack Of Strategies For Stories And Post

The Story feature was introduced in 2016 and almost 400 million insta users use this feature on a daily basis. Adding a story without a proper strategy or not using it enough may result in stagnant Instagram followers. 

6. Lack Of Quality Content

The next place where your planning goes wrong is here. Apart from quantity, the quality of your content speaks for itself. Making your content interesting is your job. If the quality of the picture your posting is broken then no one would interested in seeing your content. 

7. Not Being Yourself

It is important to be yourself. Your followers follow you because they want to know you instead of someone whom do you try to impersonate. Not being you or copying someone else is such a turnout for your followers.

8. More Promotions And Shoutouts

Your followers follow you to watch what you doing not what you are promoting for others. Sometimes promoting others might end up in losing your followers. Promoting too much affects your content’s quality and you will end up as an advertising account. 

9. Not Using Right Hashtags

Hashtags give you reach and your content will be categorised under a specific topic. Using hashtags will give you a proper reach and your account can be easily found. Sometimes using the wrong hashtag can also end up in stagnant followers. 

10. Not Knowing Your Target Audience

If your account has a niche then you need to attract followers who seek your content. If you don’t follow your target audience based on your niche and just generally post your content then you might experience stagnant followers. 

11. Lack Of Context In Captions And In Bio

Not everyone will read what you write on your caption or bio but some start to read if your contexts are interesting and slowly day by day you gain genuine followers by doing this.

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11 Reasons Why Your Instagram Followers Never Grow - FAQS

1. Why are my followers not increasing on Instagram?  

It might be because your contents are not as engaging as it should be. 

2. How can I increase my followers?
  • Optimize your Instagram account

  • Keep a consistent content calendar

  • Schedule Instagram posts in advance

  • Get partners and brand advocates to post your content

  • Avoid fake Instagram followers

3. How much does Instagram pay per post?

Those with 500,000 followers can command $2,000 to $3,000 per sponsored photo posted.

4. Who is the highest-paid Instagrammer 2021?

Cristiano Ronaldo, 295.9 million followers and he get paid 1.6 million dollars.

5. How much does Kylie Jenner gets paid for a post in Instagram?

Kylie Jenner is paid a total of 1.49 million dollars.

6. Can Instagram pay you?

Yes. Instagram can pay you for certain ways. 

7. Who is the highest-paid Instagrammer in India 2021?

Virat Kohli is the highest-paid Instagrammer in India 2021, INR 5 Crore per post.