1000-7 Lyrics - Shadowraze 1000-7 Song Lyrics

1000-7 Lyrics: You can get the  1000-7 Song Lyrics “Minus seven thousand, everything in the head is swimming completely, Apnul again a new rank, but in the end he became nobody” by Shadowraze below and 1000-7 has been topping the charts ever since it came out. With a beautiful rendition by Shadowraze, 1000-7 has become an instant hit. Scroll down to get the full lyrics of 1000-7.

by Roselet Sheena Merli

Updated Aug 03, 2021

1000-7 Lyrics - Shadowraze 1000-7 Song Lyrics

1000-7 Lyrics by Shadowraze


GENJU, tell me, where is the katana?


[Verse 1: shadowraze]

Minus seven thousand , everything in the head is swimming completely

Apnul again a new rank, but in the end he became nobody

I will become better and stronger, in the nickname of Kaneki Ken mod

I am the deadliest ghoul against the background of these brutal bodies (Ha)

Rata-ratata , you have become nothing in a year

Subtracting from a thousand seven, I take the pedestal

Drowning in the sea of ​​idiots, the sound of a katana, a wild scream

On my shoulders , Desolator , Demon Eater, black appearance (Ha)

Subtract seven, I'm in Prada, requiem drives me into fear

I'm sick fuck it's true, hands in chains, full of darkness

I'm all fashionable, like with Free Farm, your bitch is all in tears

But my Rize is only happy (Ha-ha-ha)



I'm not wrong, this whole world is wrong


[Verse 2: shadowraze]

I broke all the chains and again raised the katana

Soul are all in place , bitch, showed how to make necessary

My blade`y - wakizashi, I take the Templar Assassin

My Band`y on the wrist, minus seven, I'm so dangerous (Ha)

how many corpses in front of me, just look

I'm mad hunter-ghoul , I'm already fucking killing spree

Devouring your souls I can't be stopped

I'm still alive outside, but already dead inside (Ha ha ha ha)


[Verse 3: GENJUTSU]

Tyscha minus seven, uobok if you did not know

miscalculated a couple of zeros, then simply squander

My centipede spares fuck anyone

if bitch pisses, then bitch is mad, hello

white mane, but how would I fuck asshole

I roll insane how then, skin?

What are you going to say to me? Okay, degradation of

Echo Slam and Blink, stop knocking at mother

Doves suck my dick, my kagune

My goddess Toka , in Japanese Mayyo

5pos nyasha, fuck it

I'm really Dead Inside, fucking

Come on, fucking count on your fingers, as you see them?

You don't see a fucking thing, you're one of those kind of campaigns.

How many did you say? I mean six?Oh shit

Jason , are you fucking?

Damn, my kagune was forgotten by the creature

You wanted to make gear, but it didn't work out, it's a pity

I'm cutting through the fuck, I'll take the mower, or

maybe we won't be in a hurry, there is a smell of burning

1000-7 Lyrics Details

  • Movie/Album: 1000-7

  • Date of Release the song: March 12, 2021 

  • Singers: Shadowraze

1000-7 Lyrics from 1000-7

This song is one of  Genjutsu & Shadowraze best works. Shadowraze has given life to the song through his/her unique voice. Fans of Shadowraze can't seem to get enough of this wonderful song. Memorizing the lyrics is so easy because of the song’s peppy tune and catchy lyrics.

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Interesting Facts About The Singer

The song from the 1000-7 became viral soon after its release. Sung by Shadowraze, has left thousands mesmerized with its brilliance. Lyrics by  Genjutsu & Shadowraze have played a major role in the success of the song.  Genjutsu & Shadowraze has once again proved himself through the lines of this song. Overall this song is something that is never going to leave your playlist.

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Date of Release 1000-7

Produced by Genjutsu the song is an ecstatic one. It was released on March 12, 2021. The lyrics will definitely make us feel fascinated and euphoric. If you want to find the lyrics of this song then you are in the right place. 

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Some facts about 1000-7 Song Lyrics

  • Released on March 12, 2021, this song has had No of Views on Youtube.

  • The Lyricist of this song is  Genjutsu & Shadowraze

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1000-7 Lyrics - FAQs

1. When did the Song Release?

The 1000-7 Song was released on March 12, 2021.

2. Who is the Singer of the Song?

The singer of 1000-7 Song is Shadowraze.

3. Who is the Lyricist?

The Lyricist is  Genjutsu & Shadowraze

4. Where to check the Song Lyrics?

Viewers can check the full song lyrics on our page.

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