Is Kriss Akabusi Married: Who Is Kriss Akabusis Wife?

Is Kriss Akabusi Married: After enlisting in the army, Kriss decided to alter his name from Kezie Uchechukwu Duru Akabusi to Kriss. Two stunning children who are now grownups and pursuing professions as authors and brand builders were born to Kriss Akabusi and his German wife Monika. To get to know more on Is Kriss Akabusi Married, do refer to the article given below. x

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Who Is Kriss Akabusi? 

Former sprinter and hurdler Kezie Uchechukwu Duru Akabusi, also known as Kriss Akabusi, hails from the United Kingdom. With the British 4x400-meter relay team, he achieved his first international success. He took home silver in the 1984 Summer Olympics, gold at the 1986 Commonwealth Games and European Athletics Championships, and silver at the 1987 World Championships in Athletics. From the late 1980s onward, he developed personally in the 400-meter hurdles, winning bronze at the 1989 IAAF World Cup. He set a British record with a run of 47.93 seconds to win the 1990 European Athletics Championships. He also took home gold at the 1990 Commonwealth Games.

Is Kriss Akabusi Married? 

Although Kriss appears to keep his personal life out of the public eye, he has provided some insight in earlier interviews. Kriss disclosed his prior marriage in a conversation with the British Heart Foundation. He had two daughters from his marriage to his ex-wife, who are now grownups. He continued by mentioning that he has a son and a daughter from his previous relationship. He continued by expressing his gratitude for being able to have his family.


Kriss Akabusi Wiki

Akabusi and his brother Riba were raised in foster care after their parents, Nigerian immigrants studying in London, left when Akabusi was four years old. Although Akabusi would eventually be reunited with his mother when he was in his teens, he could not communicate with his parents due to the commencement of the Nigerian Civil War in 1967. She was adamant that her son should move to Nigeria. Still, despite Akabusi's desire to reconnect with his family, he stayed in the United Kingdom and only traveled to Nigeria when he was twenty-one. He was an Edmonton County School student.

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What Is Kriss Akabusi's Age? 

According to his bio, Kriss Akabusi is 6 feet, one inch tall. Where one wishes to pursue aspirations, age is the primary consideration. You may also be curious about Kriss Akabusi's age. Everyone claims that age is just a number and there is always time to start over. Akubusi Kriss was born on November 28, 1958. He is 64 years old right now.

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Who Are Kriss Akabusi's Parents? 

After his parents, Nigerian immigrants studying in London, left when Akabusi was four, he and his brother Riba were reared in foster care. She was anxious that Akabusi should go to Nigeria. Still, despite his yearning to reunite with his family and disregarding her wishes, Akabusi remained in the United Kingdom and only visited Nigeria when he was twenty-one. He attended Edmonton County School.

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Who Is Kriss Akabusi's Wife? 

Fans of celebrities in various industries, including the film business, sports, modeling, etc., are numerous. Fans of Kriss Akabusi are also looking for his wife right now. As a result, we could see searches for Kriss Akabusi's wife. This article will be helpful for fans interested in learning more about his height, age, and other details. Kriss Akabusi is highly renowned for his professional accomplishments. Fans of Kriss Akabusi are curious to find out if he is dating someone or who his wife is. Sources claim that Kriss Akabusi is unmarried.


Who Is Kriss Akabusi's Daughter? 

Shakira Akabusi, the founder of StrongLikeMum and a social media influencer, is the daughter of Kriss. Shakira, the mother of Rio, Ezra, and the twin's Asher and Aryana, is passionate about encouraging women to develop positivity and self-assurance before, during, and after pregnancy. Shakira is on a mission to debunk parenting myths, especially those relating to body image and mental health, and to motivate women to parent while leading a healthy lifestyle. She also has five years of live theater experience, is accustomed to hosting sizable gatherings, and effectively reaches a broad audience on social media by fusing her understanding of pregnant and postnatal fitness with her personal parenting experience.

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How Much Is Kriss Akabusi's Net Worth? 

According to his bio, Kriss Akabusi is 6 feet, one inch tall. Since Kriss Akabusi has grown in fame, as was previously noted, his approximate net worth is given here. His net worth is estimated to be $5 million to $10 million. During his first season, Akabusi made about £100,000 in endorsements, business deals, prize money, and shoe contracts. He started earning money through the Grand Prix Circuit of Athletics after he stopped competing as an athlete.

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Family Of Kriss Akabusi

Kriss, a father of four to Ashanti, Shakira, Alanna, and Sakhile, was born in London in 1958 to Nigerian parents. He currently resides in Bedfordshire, where you can catch him playing golf at Woburn Country Club or cheering on West Ham United fervently! Additionally, Kriss founded and served as the chairman of The Akabusi Charitable Trust (TACT).

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Biography Of Kriss Akabusi 

Since many may need to become more familiar with Kriss Akabusi, we have included his biography here. Kriss Akabusi, currently 64 years old, was born on November 28, 1958. He is a British professional athlete and a British citizen. Kriss Akabusi has amassed a sizable following due to his career's growth in popularity. Let's quickly review the table below that contains information about Kriss Akabusi's life.

Name Kriss Akabusi
Profession British athlete
Date of Birth 28 November 1958
Age 64 years old
Birth Place Paddington, London, United Kingdom
Height 6 Ft 1 In
Nationality British
Marital Status Single
Net Worth $5 Million

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Is Kriss Akabusi Married - FAQs

1. Who is Kriss Akabusi Wife?

Kriss Akabusi is Single.

2. Who is Kriss Akabusi? 

Kriss Akabusi is an British athlete.

3. When did Kriss Akabusi was born?

Kriss Akabusi was born on 28 November 1958.

4. How old is Kriss Akabusi?

He is 64 years old.