Dax Harwood Praised Sami Zayn And Triple H For Coming Up With The Tag Team

WWE Professional Dax Harwood Praised the superstars who are coming up with the Tag team. So here we have the latest news highlighting Dax Harwood Praising Sami Zayn And Triple H For Coming Up With The Tag Team. Check out the article and get the details.

by Roselet Sheena Merli | Updated Mar 29, 2023

Dax Harwood Praised Sami Zayn And Triple H For Coming Up With The Tag Team

Recently, Former WWE Superstar Dax Harwood praised Triple H and Sami Zayn for coming up with The Revival, which is the tag team name. In 2012, Harwood signed with WWE and began working in NXT, where The Mechanics with Cash Wheeler was formed by him. On their main roster after defeating The New Day, The team rose to debut on RAW. In 2019 New Day's Big E and Xavier Woods were defeated by The Revival to become the new SmackDown Tag Team Champions in WWE Clash of Champions.

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Dax Harwood Praised Sami Zayn And Triple H

The multi-time Tag Team Champion on the third episode delves into partnership with Cash Wheeler. Sami Zayn came up with The Revival, stated by the 38-year-old star. Zayn initially thought they could call Tag Team Revival. However, Triple H changed it into The Revival. He stated, "I remember coming up with it, and the person that came up with 'The Revival' was actually Sami Zayn," Sami has seen one of the best since he was putting them over a tag team. He stated, "But he said, you know, 'This Creedence Clearwater Revival, C.C.R., you could be T.T.R., Tag Team Revival,' and I was like, 'Oh! That's a hell of an idea,' and so we thought about it, and we pitched it to Hunter, and Hunter liked it, except for he just wanted to call us 'The Revival,'"

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Triple H Decision Over The Revival

For WWE brand purposes, Dax Harwood stated the importance of a tag name like that. They needed something to be associated with Cash and Dax or Dash and Dawson if they wanted to go for a great tag team. The marketing strategy helped WWE Superstars climb the ladder, which was Triple H's creative decision. He stated, "And we needed that brand, and I think that was, again, the genius of Hunter [Triple H] is he understood The Revival is more marketable than 'Tag Team Revival.' I think 'Tag Team Revival' would have put us in a smaller box, but just The Revival could have been more marketable, and again, that's the genius of him," Harwood is famous for his collaborations with Wheeler.

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