World UFO Day 2020: All about UFO, Important date, History, Unidentified flying object, Events & Celebration

World UFO Day 2020: World UFO Day 2020 is celebrated by the UFO enthusiasts on 2 July every year with an aim to raise awareness for people to gather together and watch the skies for UFO. The day is also observed on 24 June in some countries. Read all information about UFO, History of World UFO Day, Theme, and How to celebrate UFO day in this article.

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World UFO Day 2020: All about UFO, Important date, History, Unidentified flying object, Events & Celebration

World UFO Day 2020

World UFO Day is observed on 2 July every year. The aim is to raise awareness about the existence of unidentified flying objects (UFOs)  and with that of intelligent beings from outer space. The main objective is to encourage people to think about the possibility of the human not being alone in the Universe. It also wants to encourage governments to declassify their files on supposed UFO sightings. The observation commemorates the date on which the famous Roswell incident was exposed to the public.  The day is an awareness day for people to gather together and watch the skies for unidentified flying objects.

What is a UFO?

An unidentified flying object (UFO) is also called a flying saucer. Any aerial object or optical phenomenon which is not readily identifiable to the observer can be defined as UFO. It became a major subject of discussion and interest worldwide after the development of rocketry after World War II. It was thought by some researchers to be intelligent extraterrestrial life visiting Earth.

What is the History of World UFO Day?

Roswell event:

In July 1947, a Project Mogul balloon crashed in the desert near Roswell, New Mexico. The project was a part of a top-secret project by the US Army Air Forces. It involves flying microphones on weather balloons to extreme heights to detect Soviet nuclear test explosions. The ballon wreck was first spotted by William Brazel. The incident was described as a large area of bright wreckage made up of rubber strips, tinfoil, a rather tough paper, and sticks.

The response of the US army to recover the debris and the subsequent cover-up story served as the basis for conspiracy theories. This paved way for a craze for extraterrestrial encounters. This event had a strong impact in 1950s Hollywood. 

UFO Naming:

In the 1940s and the early 1950s UFOs were more commonly called flying saucers as flying discs. The title of UFO was described in 1953 by the United States Air Force so that they could record and review any instances where a flying object was logged in official reporting. In government documents, the UFOs are also sometimes called UFOB. This type of airborne object has aerodynamic characteristics, performance, or strange features that don't currently conform with any type of missile or aircraft known to man. 

Earlier, the commemoration of World UFO day was celebrated in June every year. The day was to mark the date on which aviator Kenneth Arnold reported seeing 9 unusual objects flying over the state of Washington. But the World UFO Day Organization (WUFODO) established the observation of World UFO day on 2 July with an aim to lead people to celebrate in large numbers on one day instead of small groups on two separate days. 

First UFO day:

World UFO Day was organized by in the year 2001. The aim of observing the day was to bring together enthusiasts of UFO’s and to support their existence. It is believed that one day, mankind will encounter other intelligent life in the universe practically 100%. Many of them believe that aliens have already arrived, and anyone who knows anything about UFO’s is aware of the stories of abductions and what is seen as the seminal event in UFO history, the crash at Roswell. While they believe that the governments of the world are presently hiding this information from the populace, this in no way discourages believers from continuing to search for the truth they’re certain is out there.

What is the theme of 2020 World UFO Day?

The theme of World UFO Day set by the is “Ready for Contact”. The theme aims to create awareness of the undoubted existence of UFOs. It also aims to encourage governments to declassify their files on UFO sightings.

What are the events held on World UFO Day?

On this day, people are encouraged to look at the sky and try to identify UFOs. On this day, WUFODO organizes the World UFO Day Anthem Competition. Participants who are interested can join the competition. conducted an audition for the anthem. 

Some of the rules to make the World UFO Day Anthem were:

  • The song must be entire of his own making

  • The theme of the 2020 anthem is Ready for Contact

  • The song must be at least 2 minutes duration

  • The style should be composed by the Psytrance or Goa

The winner of the event received the UFO Day Anthem Award. The anthem will be posted on the Youtube Link. 
The most important thing to remember on this day is that people collectively open their minds to the subject for one day and send out the message that UFOs are welcome on this earth. 

How to celebrate World UFO Day?

World UFO Day is celebrated in a lot of different ways. UFO Enthusiasts across the world gather around the world in known UFO hotspots like Roswell New Mexico and celebrate the day. 
People on this day share stories, watch for the return of visitors in the night sky, and provide support for other believers.

If you live in a small community of supporters far from the nearest large one, organize an event, to share information about UFOs. Also include UFO-themed treats to go with your event. Adding neon green punch and ice-cream shaped like the head of little green men can go along with the event. To be more innovative, the organizer of the event can bake cakes in the shape of aliens, have green eggs and ham, or even make special candies to celebrate. 

Get together with friends and family to watch UFO movies and share your thoughts and views about the little green man. It is a great way to support awareness of UFOs and the copious evidence out there supporting their existence. 

People can also celebrate the day by watching UFO movies, spending time with friends and family about the possibility of UFOs or alien life.

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World UFO Day - FAQ

1. Why is UFO day celebrated on 2 July?

World UFO Day is celebrated to create an awareness day for people to gather together and watch the skies for unidentified flying objects. The day is celebrated on July 2, to commemorate the supposed UFO crash in the 1947 Roswell UFO Incident.

2. what is unidentified flying objects?

An unidentified flying object (UFO) is any aerial phenomenon that can't be immediately be identified and the term is widely used for claimed observations of extraterrestrial spacecraft.

3. What is Ufology?

Ufology is a neologism that describes the collective efforts of those who study UFO reports and associated evidence.

4. What are list of Alien Movies that I can watch on UFO Day?

Here are the Alien Movies that you can watch on UFO Day:

  • Alien
  • The Day the Earth Stood Still
  • Predator
  • MIB Series
  • Edge of Tomorrow
  • War of the Worlds