World Humanitarian Day 2020 - Why World Humanitarian Day Celebrate? know about World Humanitarian Day 2020 History, Significance, and Quotes

World Humanitarian Day 2020 - On 19 August 2020, World Humanitarian Day is observed to commemorate the involvement of aid workers in humanitarian services by risking their own lives. World Humanitarian Day is extra special this year, as we all fight against the deadly COVID-19. Read on to know more about World Humanitarian Day, History and Significance of World Humanitarian Day, and a lot more.

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World Humanitarian Day 2020 - Why World Humanitarian Day Celebrate? know about World Humanitarian Day 2020 History, Significance, and Quotes

World Humanitarian Day 2020

World Humanitarian Day is celebrated every year on 19th August every year. World Humanitarian Day 2020 is observed to pay tribute to aid workers who involve themselves in humanitarian services by risking their lives. World Humanitarian Day is celebrated to create awareness about those affected by the crisis of the world. It was established in 2008 by the United Nations General Assembly, which was first officially celebrated in 2009. The date of 19th August was chosen as it marks the anniversary of the Canal Hotel's bombing in Baghdad, an event in which the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Sergio Vieira de Mello and twenty others sacrificed their lives.

What is the History of World Humanitarian Day?

The United Nations General Assembly established World Humanitarian Day to remember the demise of Sergio Vieira de Mello and 21 of his fellow humanitarians in a bombardment of the Baghdad headquarters of the UN. Sergio had worked at great length, attempting to pull together the Draft for the official designation of World Humanitarian Day. 

World Humanitarian Day was officially constituted to recognize Sergio and several people like him. They work every day towards the betterment of the world for the less fortunate, the underprivileged, and those living in areas of war, starvation, and pestilence. 

What is the Significance of World Humanitarian Day 2020?

Humanitarians make up a large number of people who endanger their own lives to save others. They are often known to be the first to respond to a crisis and last to leave. Hence, such women deserve mention and celebration. Humanitarians are crucial for today’s time to strengthen the global humanitarian response.

People from more than half of the Red Cross or Red Crescent volunteers worldwide are among the first to respond in case of any disaster, epidemics, and conflicts. They involve themselves in every aspect of crisis response, including search and rescue, assessing needs, looking after the elderly, and using social media to convey relevant information.

How to Celebrate World Humanitarian Day?

On World Humanitarian Day, take time to galvanize your efforts to support the world’s poor and needy. It all starts with education, so take some time to study the countries where war is currently taking place and research the least fortunate conditions. 

  • The common everyday man that is a victim of politics in a world much more significant than their small communities, but comes home to them every day in the form of hardship and violence.

  • You can head out and find a way to volunteer to help. 

  • You can work to improve the lives of those in these faraway countries every day in little ways, or become part of the effort by organizing with any of many charitable organizations.

  • Remember to discuss the situation around the world with your friends and colleagues, spread awareness, educate yourself, and be sure that everyone around you knows the plight of those in wartime.

How is World Humanitarian Day 2020 amid COVID-19?

This year, World Humanitarian Day is extra special as we have a number of people who risk their lives to save the sick ones. The year 2020 has been a disaster to all of us, and yet people who work for saving lives amid COVID-19 deserve to be celebrated. Humanitarians are not only doctors but also nurses, hospital workers, police officers, and many other government employees who are involved in the betterment of the world during this time. 

Humanitarians are not only the ones who help humans who are in need but also animals. This World Humanitarian Day is dedicated to every individual who works for the needy by risking their life. Even if you step out to provide face masks or food for the underprivileged, you are a humanitarian, and this day is to celebrate you.

What is World Humanitarian Day Theme 2019?

World Humanitarian Day 2019's theme was to celebrate Women Humanitarians and their undying dedication in the betterment of the world. Women Humanitarians hold a sense of uncomparable uniqueness, one that sums up to the global momentum of female strength, perseverance, and power. It honored the women who had acted as first responders to the darkest hours of crisis.

Last year's campaign on Women Humanitarians supported the recognition that women deserve to strengthen global humanitarian response and protection efforts under international law. Every year there is a different theme for World Humanitarian Day; for example, in the past, the themes have included 'We Are Humanitarian Workers,' 'One Humanity,' and in 2017 'Not A Target' reaffirming that civilians caught up in war zones should not become targets. Organizations worldwide honor this day in a range of ways, from fundraisers to lectures and other events all aimed at raising awareness.

World Humanitarian Day Quotes

1. “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?’” – Martin Luther King Jr.,

2.  “If you can’t feed a hundred people, feed just one.” – Mother Teresa

3. “Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it.” – Mahatma Gandhi

4. “The destiny of world civilization depends upon providing a decent standard of living for all mankind.” – Norman Borlaug

5. “When we live in a world that is very unjust, you have to be a dissident.” – Nawal El Saadawi

Why Do We Celebrate World Humanitarian Day 2020?

World Humanitarian Day (WHD) celebrated on August 19 of every year, commemorates the death and injury of aid workers in the course of their employment. Also, it recognizes all relief and health staff who, amidst the odds, seek to provide life-saving assistance and protection for the most vulnerable people. This day was named in memory of the incident that happened in the Canal Hotel in Baghdad, Iraq. On 19 August 2003, the bomb blasted at the Canal Hotel that killed almost 22 people, including the humanitarian leader in Iraq, Sergio Vieira de Mello. In 2009, the day was formalized as World Humanitarian Day by the United Nations General Assembly. 

We pay special gratitude to the real-life heroes who have dedicated their lives to save people in the most challenging situations in the world. Because of violence, instability, inaccessibility, and threats linked to COVID-19, the campaign focuses on what pushes humanitarian workers to continue saving and preserving lives. COVID-19 was the greatest threat to humanitarian operations across the globe this year.

World Humanitarian Day 2020- Who is Umar Omar?

Umra Omar, from Kenya's Lamu archipelago, is the chairperson of Safari Doctors. Well, Safari Doctors are free necessary health care consisting of a mobile unit of doctors to hundreds of people from more than 17 villages in Lamu every month. While current healthcare is styled in urban environments, 70% of the population of Kenya lives only in remote locations.


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World Humanitarian Day 2020 - FAQs

1. Why should we celebrate World Humanitarian Day 2020?

As humans, we should recognize and thank the aid workers to strive hard to save lives by risking their own. It is essential to celebrate and appreciate them by dedicating this day to them. If possible, you can also help the needy during crucial times and be proud of yourself 

2. When was the first Humanitarian Day celebrated?

The first World Humanitarian Day was officially observed on August 19th, 2009 to pay tribute to the frontline workers who work towards the betterment of this world.