National Rainier Cherry Day 2020 - Important Date, History, Facts, Quotes & How to celebrate the National Rainier Cherry Day

National Rainier Cherry Day is observed on 11 July 2020 to recognize the beauty of one of the cherry varieties and the history of the golden Rainier cherries. Rainier cherries are the perfect sweet treat for the summertime. Get the information about the history of the National Rainier Cherry Day, facts, quotes & how to celebrate the National Rainier Cherry Day 2020 from this article.

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National Rainier Cherry Day 2020 - Important Date, History, Facts, Quotes & How to celebrate the National Rainier Cherry Day

National Rainier Cherry Day 2020

National Rainier Cherry Day is celebrated on July 11 of every year across the nation. National Rainier Cherry Day 2020 is to observe one of the favourite summer fruit. National Rainier Cherry Day celebrated during this period marks the peak of Rainier cherry harvest for growers in Washington

The Rainier cherries are golden yellow cherry with a small, creamy-yellow flesh with a red blush. Rainiers have some of the highest sweet cherries level of sugar, ranging from 17-23 Brix. The 'Rainiers' are considered to be a premium cherry type.

What is the history of National Rainier Cherry Day?

The creator and the history of National Rainier Cherry Day is unknown. Researcher Harold Fogle at Washington State University crossed the varieties Bing and Van in 1952 to create the unique and extremely sweet variety of Rainier cherry. It gets the name after the great Washington State Mount Rainier. The farmers started planting this variety once it was approved for commercial production in 1960.
The festivities and competitions are held in honor of National Rainier Cherry Day throughout July. To celebrate Northwest Cherries on this day, a member of the Washington State Fruit Commission, challenged one restaurant from each state to serve a cherry-flavored item on their menu during the month of July.

About Rainier cherries

Rainier cherries belong to the Prunus family and are descendants of Prunus avium, the wild cherry. Rainier has since become a popular tree to support pollen dark-sweet varieties of cherries and is also grown on a large scale as its sweetness is a favorite among others. This month of July marks the height of Rainier cherry harvest for farmers in Washington, which is a big deal given that Rainier cherries are only two months per summer in season.

Growing these sweet and juicy Rainier cherries are the most changeling jobs for growers. That's because the fruit has a thin, fragile skin highly prone to bruising. Rainier cherries are hand-picked with extra care from the tree and put in tiny bags or lugs to reduce contact. Rainiers are temperamental crops that are prone to severe weather like high temperatures, rain, or strong winds. 

There are also birds that like to enjoy Rainier cherries’ sweet flavour.
Growers put up nets to prevent birds from the orchard, and use windscreens to cover the fruit. The care persists despite the harvesting of Rainier cherries. Immediately after harvest, the fruit is hydro cooled to begin the essential cycle of the cold chain and optimize freshness of the fruit. 

The Rainier cherries are quite expensive compared to red cherries because they are very delicate and bruise easily and also birds eat most of the crop before the harvest. Even though the price remains high, people buy this special cherry not only for the sweetness but also for the nutritional values. Rainier cherries provide a good amount of vitamins, calcium, and potassium.

How to observe the National Rainier Cherry Day? 

On this National Rainier Cherry Day, buy some freshly harvested rainier cherries from local farms. Some of the other ways to enjoy the day are

Try out some recipes using rainier cherries such as pies, cakes, ice creams, tarts  and enjoy with your families
Learn some harvesting techniques of rainier cherries by visiting the local farms
Use #NationalRainierCherryDay on social media and share the celebration of Rainier Cherry Day

Cherries - Facts

  • Rainier cherries are a sweet snack for birds. One foremost trouble rainier cherry growers face is bothersome birds picking at the crop

  • Rainier cherries tend to grow a size larger than their red cherries counterparts. They're also a high sugar cherry

  • Rainier cherry trees are often planted between dark-sweet cherry trees in orchard rows so as to supply a special pollen source for bees during the cherry bloom stage

  • Rainier cherries are most frequently eaten fresh, but also make an excellent ingredient in sweet and savory summer recipes

  • Sweet cherries are believed to have originated in the area between the Caspian and Black Seas

  • The state of Washington grows more sweet cherries than any other place within the country

  • Cherries have the shortest time of 60  to 75 days between flowering and harvesting of any fruit of the tree

  • Throughout the United States, there are more than 1,000 varieties of cherries, but fewer than 10 are commercially grown

  • In the mid-1300s, King Charles V of France planted over 1,000 cherry trees in his gardens at St. Paul and Tournelle

  • Many Stone Age Caves in Europe have discovered cherry pits

  • There are 7,000 cherries in the average Cherry tree

Cherries - Quotes

Under a cherry tree, all burdens of life fly away! - Mehmet Murat Ildan

Life is simple, it's either cherry red or midnight blue.- Lou Gramm

Life is just a bowl of cherries, don't take it serious, its mysterious. Life is just a bowl of cherries, so live and laugh and laugh at love, love a laugh, laugh and love. - Bob Fosse

So we grew together like to a double cherry, seeming parted, but yet an union in partition, two lovely berries molded on one stem. - William Shakespeare

I want to do to you what spring does with the cherry trees. - Pablo Neruda

Here's an idea: let's get over ourselves, buy a cherry pie, and go fall in love with life. - Tom Robbins

Life is not a bowl full of cherries, there's good and bad stuff. - Fuzzy Zoeller

I value my garden more for being full of blackbirds than of cherries and very frankly give them fruit for their songs. - Joseph Addison

I don't know why I love cherries and I love pickles. I eat about two or three Claussen pickles a day. Those are just things I snack on. - Monica

Studies on cherries, raspberries, and strawberries suggest that most of their nutrition is retained when they're frozen, so it's a good idea to keep some in the freezer. - Michael Greger

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National Rainier Cherry Day - FAQ

1. Why are rainier cherries more expensive?

One problem with the Rainier is that they bruise quickly or that the bruising seems quicker due to their lighter colour. They are also more prone to wind and rain damage. Rainier's supply is nowhere near as high as the more common dark red cherry.

2. Are rainier cherries in season?

Rainier cherries are in season in California from May to June, and in Washington from June to August.

3. What is the difference between Rainier cherries and regular cherries?

Bing is a dark red- to purple-skinned cherry which grows darker as it matures. In contrast, Rainier is a yellow-skinned cherry with a bright red blush. Rainier cherries have yellow flesh on the inside while Bing is dark red or purple again.

4. Why are Rainier cherries so good?

Yet, their flavor profile also distinguishes them from each other. Rainiers have a lower acidity level which results in Brix higher. Obviously, Rainier cherries are sweeter than Dark Sweet cherries.