National Martini Day 2020: Important date, History, How to celebrate National Martini Day & Quotes

National Martini Day 2020: National Martini Day is observed on July 19 to enjoy and try out different types of martini with favourite garnish. Get more information about the history of National Martini Day, Martini, and its types, Martini Day celebration from this article.

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National Martini Day 2020: Important date, History, How to celebrate National Martini Day & Quotes

National Martini Day 2020

National Martini Day is celebrated on July 19 every year. This day is observed to enjoy and relax by having the favourite version of martini with a lemon twist or olives. Martini has been enjoyed for several decades as an alcoholic gin and vermouth cocktail and is now one of the world's most popular cocktails. It can be served in a different way such as with ice, an olive garnish, or a lemon twist. 

What is the history of Martini?

The most widely known theory is that Jerry Thomas, bartender employed at the Occidental Hotel in California created the drink in the late 1800s. However, the first officially known recipe for a cocktail called the "Martinez" appeared in a San Francisco published bartending manual of 1887. In 1911, a bartender from New York City called Martini di Arma di Taggia began serving a rather fancy cocktail made with gin, vermouth, orange bitters, and a garnish of olives in it which became famous among the socialites of Manhattan. 

What is Martini?

A martini is a cocktail made with an equal ratio of gin and vermouth. The cocktail is served in a glass of martini and is often garnished with an olive or lemon twist. Sometimes, it has a dash of bitters added. The martini has become one of the most recognized cocktails over the years. Bartenders seem to differ about what makes the perfect martini, but everyone agrees it's a popular drink. A martini was originally a gin-based drink, but over time many people prefer to make a vodka-based martini. 

What are the types of Martini?

Since the martini is such a popular beverage, it is reasonable that there will be many varieties of it. Some of the types of martini as follows:

Dirty - This Martini comes with olive brine or olive jar juice

Dry - Vermouth in the Martini is reduced greatly, and gin is the main spirit

Gibson - Bartenders are garnishing the Martini with pickled onion, instead of an olive

Shaken and Stirred - Most bartenders will tell you that Martini gets better when stirred. For a few reasons, shaken Martinis tend to be inferior such as ice chips water down the drink, and shaking the Martini adds air to the cocktails. The result of a stirred Martini is a smoother, quite complete experience

Straight Up - This Martini may either be shaken or stirred, but is strained and served without ice 

Smoky or Burned - Here, Vermouth is replaced by Scotch whiskey. A lemon twist garnishes the glass

Wet - While dry Martini has less vermouth, there is more to this one

With a Twist - The bartender applies a thin strip of the citrus peel as a garnish or in the Martini

How to celebrate National Martini Day?

There are many easy ways to celebrate National Martini Day such as ordering a favourite martini, having a martini with a group of friends along with meat or shrimp or stuffed mushrooms, and making memorable moments. Here are some of the other ideas to help enjoy this day:

  • Learn and try different martini recipe

  • Read the books about the cocktail, bartending

  • Watch James Bond movies with a chill martini

  • Visit the local cocktail bar and try some traditional martini

  • Use #NationalMartiniDay on social media and share your martini day

Martini - Facts

James Bond may have preferred to shaken martinis, but several bartenders recommend stirring them up for a more velvety cocktail

The Martini was popularized in the 1930s by Harry Craddock, author of the Savoy Cocktail Book, with his dry martini recipe

Before the actual martini became popular the martini glass was used for other drinks. Originally referred to as cocktail glass

A ‘perfect martini’ is made of equal parts of gin and vermouth, with both sweet and dry vermouth on the vermouth portion

Ernest Hemingway and Humphrey Bogart both were martini lovers 

The American bars often feature a martini glass with an olive on the signs of their establishment

New York City's Algonquin Hotel serves its wealthy patrons a $10,000 martini. It is adorned with a real diamond

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National Martini Day - FAQ

1. Why is it called a dirty martini?

The classic martini is very clean, dry, and aromatic, and contains gin and dry vermouth. The drink's color is as clear as a mountain stream since it uses only clear liquors. Hence it is known as a dirty martini.

2. Is martini made with gin or vodka?

Traditionally, martinis were quite wet, preparing old-school martinis with an almost equal gin and vermouth. On the other side, a perfect martini is made with vodka or gin, with equal parts dry and sweet vermouth.

3. What is a true martini?

A true martini contains only four ingredients: gin, vermouth, ice, and a garnish. For flavor, you may add other sweet and savory ingredients.