National Leon Day 2020 - Important date, History of National Leon Day & Celebrations

National Leon Day 2020 - On 25 June 2020, National Leon Day 2020 is observed to mark the beginning of the Christmas and notes that only 6 months are away from Christmas day. Read more information about History of National Leon Day, Naming & How to celebrate National Leon Day 2020 in this article.

Sheena | Updated Jun 24, 2020 14:32 PM

National Leon Day 2020 - Important date, History of National Leon Day & Celebrations

National Leon Day 2020

National Leon Day is observed on 25th June every year. National Leon Day is celebrated in the United States of America. National Leon Day marks the six months away from Christmas day. On this day, some crafters begin planning their homemade gifts and decorations. It can also be observed as a special day for the people who miss the winter holidays so that they can have a mini winter celebration in the month of June. The day is not an official holiday.

What is the History of National Leon Day?

The exact origin of the National Leon Day is unknown. But the naming of the day "LEON" serves the purpose of the observation of the day. Leon is formed when the word 'Noel' is spelled backward. Noel is another name for Christmas. June 25 marks the turning point when Christmas starts to come closer on the calendar. National Leon Day is marked in a variety of ways, with numerous entities getting into the holiday spirit. The day reminds people that they must not wait far too long to celebrate Christmas.

How is National Leon Day celebrated?

Leon Day is not an official holiday. But many businesses and organizations in a number of ways. People celebrate the day with joy and fun. The National Leon Day is celebrated in the following ways:

  • On this day, the retailers offer special deals and promotions

  • Some radio stations play Christmas music during the day

  • Many crafters start to make decorations and gifts for Christmas

  • Many hold fundraisers to remind people that they need donations all year round, and not exclusively during the Christmas season. 

  • Also, some radio stations play Christmas music on the day

  • Some radio and TV stations release their schedules for the holiday season

  • In some craft stores, Christmas materials &  fabrics will start to arrive, and people begin making gifts and decorations for Christmas. 

  • Some nonprofit organizations and charities observe the day, in reminding people that giving is something that should happen year-round, not just during the Christmas season.

  • On this day people put on ugly holidays sweaters and Santa hats, watch their favorite Christmas movies and treat themselves.

How to observe National Leon Day?

National Leon Day or early Christmas reminder day is observed by all kinds of people across the world, especially the people of the US. One celebrates the National Leon Day by hosting a winter in the June holiday party. The celebration ca include:

  • While hosting a party include all the trimmings such as turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce. 

  • Give small gifts to your cold-loving friends something to look forward to. 

  • You can use #NationalLeonDay to share on social media to spread awareness about the day.

  • You can also celebrate the day just like they would Christmas, with decorations, trees, gifts, Christmas movies, and everything else that would go along with the holiday.

  • You can exchange gifts, watch a Christmas movie & listen to Christmas music and go caroling.

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National Leon Day - FAQ

1. What day is halfway to Christmas?

Half-Christmas takes place on June 25 every year. The six-month or halfway point marker before Christmas on 25 December falls on 25 June.