National Hand Roll Day 2020 - Important Date, History of National Hand Roll Day, Facts & Quotes

National Hand Roll Day 2020: On 6 July 2020, National Hand Roll Day is observed to celebrate the delicious Japanese Hand Roll, which was introduced by Sushi Nozawa Group, which has become a part of the lives of people across the world. Get more information about Hand Roll, History of National Hand Roll Day, Facts & Quotes about Hand rolls from this article.

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National Hand Roll Day 2020 - Important Date, History of National Hand Roll Day, Facts & Quotes

National Hand Roll Day 2020

National Hand Roll Day is celebrated on July 6th every year by the people of the United States. National Hand Roll Day 2020 is celebrated to enjoy the delicious hand roll, which made a change from regular sushi. The day is observed to encourage consumers and food manufacturers around the world to try and enjoy Hand rolls. 

Hand Rolls made of crispy nori, warm rice, and pristine fish redefines the entire form of the dish. Hand Rolls were introduced in the middle of the last century. The original hand rolls were cylindrical in shape. 

What is the History of National Hand Roll Day?

National Hand Roll Day was founded by Sushi Nozawa Group, the group behind SUGARFISH, KazuNori, and Nozawa Bar. The day was established to celebrate the hand roll and Chef Nozawa introduction of the cylindrical-style hand roll to the US over 40 years ago. National Hand Roll Day is to celebrate the Japanese sushi hand rolls that delight the senses with vibrant color, taste, and texture. 

In the year 2014, Sushi Nozawa Group opened KazuNori (the Original Hand Roll Bar) to give people a good experience of eating hand rolls which is truly something special and worthy of its own restaurant. It should be noted that KazuNori makes the hand rolls with only the freshest fish, along with house-made sauces, specially harvested seaweed, and signature warm rice. The roll is enjoyed by the guests who dine at the counter while watching the chef make their hand rolls. 

What is a Hand Roll?

Hand Rolls or Sushi hand rolls are paper-thin sheets of nori that is wrapped in a cone shape around sticky vinegared rice and various seafood and vegetable fillings. Nori is a special type of seaweed. These hand rolls can be eaten as a meal in themselves, or in smaller amounts as an appetizer. These hand rolls make great party food as the guests are at the liberty to choose their own favorite fillings and roll their own).

While preparing Sushi hand rolls a raw fish is rarely used. The fish used in the sushi rolls will be smoked salmon, cooked shrimp, crab, and abundant amounts of vegetables like cucumber, avocado, scallions, mushrooms, and carrots. The fillings can be alternated with eggs, which are made into an omelet and cut into strips, sesame seeds, and tofu.

What are the health benefits of Hand Roll?

Hand Rolls are a great source of many health-giving nutrients. The nori contains plenty of iodine, folate, calcium, and magnesium. Many other health benefits of Hand Roll are:

  • The vegetables used in the Hand Roll contain valuable vitamins and minerals and plenty of dietary fiber.

  • The nori, fish, and fibrous vegetables also have another health benefit as they slow down the digestion of the white rice, which prevents blood sugar and insulin swings.

  • As the rolls have thin sheets of seaweed, it contains a number of healthy minerals, including iodine, folate, calcium, and magnesium. Iodine is especially important to the proper function of thyroid glands. It helps to balance hormones and optimize metabolic activities.

  • It contains Low-calorie, high-quality proteins which will significantly boost the body’s ability to function properly, create new cells, and metabolize energy, which will keep a person strong and healthy.

How to celebrate National Hand Roll Day?

Start this year National Hand Roll Day with the freshest flavor and style. The day must be spent by celebrating the beloved and delicious handroll. The day can be celebrated in the following way:

  • Visit your nearest favorite sushi restaurant where they provide Handrolls and taste the wonderful food.

  • If you’ve never had a hand roll, try your first on this special day. 

  • Meet with your friends and enjoy the dish

  • Gift the chef who makes your favourite Hand Rolls

  • Use #NationalHandRollDay to share on social media and create awareness about the delicious day.

Sushi Hand Rolls Facts

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National Hand Roll Day - FAQ

1. What is the proper way to eat hand roll?

A hand roll is generally eaten with bare hands. It is the proper way to consume Hand Roll. When handed, hold the temaki in your hand, never put down on your plate or eat with chopsticks. If Temaki is not eaten in the right away, it will get soggy and become hard to chew, losing its crispness.

2. Can sushi be rolled by hand?

Yes, it can be. Temaki Sushi is rolled by hand. There's no need for any special equipment like a sushi mat to roll sushi. Add some sushi rice to a sheet of nori, pile on your favorite fillings, and roll it up like a bouquet of sushi with your hands.

3. Are sushi rolls healthy?

Sushi rolls are healthy as it is a good source of heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Sushi is also low in calories, there's no added fat. Maki sushi rolls are made with sticky rice, fish, and dried seaweed called nori.

4. What is Nori?

Nori is made by pressing edible seaweed into thin sheets. Nori is an ingredient used to wrap rolls of sushi or onigiri, in which case the term refers to the dried sheets.