Eat Your Jello Day 2020 - Important Date, History, & How to celebrate the Eat Your Jello Day

Eat Your Jello Day 2020 is observed on 12 July 2020 to celebrate the fun and colourful of jelly dessert and to educate people about the effect Jello has had on human history. Get more information about the history of the Eat Your Jello Day, facts, quotes and how to celebrate the Eat Your Jello Day 2020 from this article.

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Eat Your Jello Day 2020 - Important Date, History, & How to celebrate the Eat Your Jello Day

Eat Your Jello Day 2020

Eat Your Jello Day is celebrated on July 12 of every year across the country. Eat Your Jello Day 2020 is to commemorate the history of Jell-O gelatin and its pudding recipes. This Eat Your Jello Day dedicates to jelly lovers to enjoy the different varieties of jellies, puddings, etc. Jiggly, sweet, and refreshing, Jell-O has been for decades as a people’s favorite. Jell-O, the sweet gelatin treat brought to America and the world in 1897 and the one whole week in February is dedicated as a Jell-O week to honor the Jell-O products.

What is Jell-O?

Jell-O has become one of the most popular flavored gelatin brands on the food market, with more than 25 jello flavors and 30 pudding flavors. The main element of the Jell-O is gelatin. Gelatin is made up of collagen, in particular animal collagen. This is a protein derived from the cows and pigs connective tissues, boiled bones. The collagen is then dried and ground into a fine powder until the protein is broken down and removed.

Jell-O is sold in various colors and flavors, ready to eat jelly or in powder form. The powder includes flavorings and powdered gelatin, including sugar or artificial sweeteners. It is dissolved in hot water and then refrigerated and allowed to set. To make elaborate snacks that can be molded into shapes, fruit, vegetables, and whipped cream can be added.

What is the history of Eat Your Jello Day?

The creator and the history of Eat Your Jello Day are unknown. Jell-O is a brand name for a gelatin dessert, often stylized as JELL-O. It is the largest-selling dessert prepared in the world and is also used as a generic name for any gelatin product. Gelatin-based foods started in the Middle East in the 1400s before Jell-O company and spread to Europe and then to America. 

Originally, Gelatin desserts were served only to the wealthiest households, due to their long process. In 1845, Peter Cooper had taken out a patent for a gelatin dessert in which only water had to be added. He, however, did not advertise or sell his item. Charles B. Knox marketed instant powdered gelatin in the 1890s for aspic preparation.

In 1897, flavored gelatine was invented by Pearl Bixby Wait of LeRoy, New York. He and his wife May Davis Wait had experimented with the application of fruit syrups to gelatin, and May Davis came up with the term "Jell-O." Two years later he sold the rights to Jell-O for $450 to Orator Woodward, a LeRoy businessman. 

By the early 1900s, powdered gelatin was widely available, and Jell-O was grossing $1 million a year in less than ten years. Jell-O ended up selling their business to General Foods Company and closed the Jell-O factory in LeRoy in 1964.

How to observe Eat Your Jello Day?

On this Eat Your Jello Day you can search for Jello recipes on Google and try making one at home. You can also buy your favourite Jell-O puddings directly from the shops and enjoy it with families. Try out some Jell-O recipes and puddings and share them with friends. Use #EatYourJelloDay on social media and share the celebration of Eat Your Jello Day. You can also offer to teach Jello recipes to those who are keen on knowing the recipe.

Jell-O - Facts

  • The delicious dessert of the Waits needed 88 per cent of sugar to become palatable, bringing it as far away as possible from the medicine world.

  • In 2001 it was revealed that Salt Lake City had the world's highest consumption of Jell-O per capita. To honor this, officials declared the Jell-O as official state snack

  • Jell-O has been recognised as a brand by 99% of people in US 

  • The 1923 Biblical hit by Cecil B. DeMille, The Ten Commandments, portrayed Moses splitting into a Red Sea made of Jell-O

  • International Jell-O Week is celebrated on the second full week of February

  • The vibrant horses at Emerald City got their hues from Jell-O powders in the 1939 film, The Wizard of Oz

  • Jello’s original flavors include only four flavours namely strawberry, raspberry, orange and lemon

  • Utah eats Jell-O more than any other state

  • Thousands of refugees came over Ellis Island several years ago to live a better life in America. They'd been given Jell-O as a snack when they arrived

  • Three out of four American families have Jell-O in their house

  • Jell-O has fruit flavors such as Strawberry and Raspberry, but the firm also sold vegetable flavors once

Jell-O - Quotes

"Poetry uses the hub of a torque converter for a jello mold. - Diane Glancy

"Put tattoos all up and down our thighs, do anything our parents would despise. Take uppers, downers, blues, and reds, and yellows, our brains are turning into jello. - Joan Baez

"That's how it always is in the entertainment industry, your feet are always treading Jello. - Hedy Lamarr

"Trying to hit Phil Niekro is like trying to eat jello with chopsticks. Sometimes you get a piece but most of the time you get hungry." - Bobby Murcer

"Producing is like pushing jello up a hill on a hot day." - Lucy Liu

"That's how it always is in the entertainment industry, your feet are always treading Jello. - Hedy Lamarr

"Then, there was Cary Grant. He spent three hours a week in hospitals teaching nervous people how to eat jello." - Red Button

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Eat Your Jello Day 2020 - FAQs

1. When was jello invented?

The original gelatin dessert began in Le Roy, New York in 1897 after the trademark of Pearle Bixby Wait and wife May for a product made of strawberry, raspberry, orange, or lemon flavouring added to sugar and granulated gelatin, which had just been patented for masses in its powdered form in 1845.

2. What is the benefit of Jello?

Gelatin is abundant in protein, and has a special profile of amino acids that provides many possible health benefits. There is evidence that gelatin can reduce pain in the joint and bone, increase brain function and help reduce signs of skin aging.

3. What Jello is made of?

Gelatin is produced from animal collagen. A protein that makes up connective tissues such as the skin, ligaments, and bones.

4. Is Jello made out of pigskin?

Gelatine comes from the collagen in cow or pig bones, hides and connective tissues. Today, Jell-O gelatin is most likely taken from pigskin. Protection Status