Area 51: Know everything about what is Area 51 and Area 51 facts

Area 51: The United States Air Force facility Area 51 is located at Groom Lake in southern Nevada. Many thought that there were aliens in Area 51, but the US Govt says there were no aliens, and the crashed plane was a weather balloon. Here in this article, you can have a look at the information about Area 51 and the reports released about Area 51 in brief.

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Area 51: Know everything about what is Area 51 and Area 51 facts

About Area 51

Area 51 refers to a location on the map and is the common name for the United States Air Force base. It is at Groom Lake, a dry lake bed in the Nevada Desert, 85 miles (135 km) north of Las Vegas. Flying over Area 51 is still illegal, but the site is now visible on satellite images. The base has runways that are as long as 12,000 ft (2.3 miles/3.7 km). The facility is adjacent to two other restricted military areas: the Nevada Test Site, from the 1950s to the 1990s US nuclear weapons were tested, and the Nevada Test and Training Range.

One common UFO theory is that in 1947 in Roswell, New Mexico, the remnants of a flying saucer reportedly crashed for reverse engineering experiments to recreate the extraterrestrial spacecraft. 

A YouGov poll in June 2019 found that 54 percent of US adults think it's likely the government knows more than it tells about UFOs, 27 percent say it's unlikely, and 19 percent say it doesn't know.

Are there aliens at Area 51?

Area 51's secrecy has helped to fan a lot of conspiracy theories. Perhaps popular is the story that after they crashed in Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947, the site holds an alien spacecraft and the bodies of its pilots. The US Govt says there were no aliens, and a weather balloon was the crashed plane.

Some claim to have seen UFOs above or around the site, although others suggest they were abducted and even experimented on before returning to Earth. And, a man named Robert Lazar claimed in 1989 that he had served in Area 51 on alien technology. He claimed to have seen medical images of aliens, and the government was using the facility to investigate UFOs.

Reports on Area 51 - 20 September 2019

About 200 people show up on the facility outside the gates of Area 51 for the "raid." According to Lincoln County Sheriff, two persons are arrested. There are one alcohol-related arrest and the arrest for indecent exposure of a Canadian resident. One woman comes close to the crossing and is held briefly and released at the scene.

10 September 2019

Organizers cancel Alienstock saying, "Required infrastructure needed for this festival has not been given." Instead, people are encouraged to attend the Las Vegas Area 51 celebration.

Two Dutchmen are arrested outside Area 51 on Nevada National Security Site. The men said they saw the signs of 'No Trespassing,' but they decided to look at the building. They later pled guilty to trespassing and to driving illegally.

20 August 2019

Authorities in Lincoln County, Nevada vote to pre-sign a state of emergency in preparation for visitors influx.

9 August 2019

Alienstock Festival - festival celebrating aliens scheduled to take place in Rachel from September 19-22. "We aim to create something unique here, a meeting place for all the faithful. Come out into the desert to dive into a world full of live music, arts, and under the stars camping," says the festival's website.

12 July 2019

Air Force spokesperson Laura McAndrews says government officials are aware of the Facebook event. She says "(Area 51) is an open training range for the U.S. Air Force, so we'd deter anybody from attempting to get into the field where we're training American Armed Forces. The U.S. Air Force is still ready to defend America and its assets."

11 July 2019

More than 1.5 million people say they're going to attend a Facebook event called "Storm Area 51; They Can't Deter All of Us," promising to raid Area 51 in a search to "see them, aliens." The post indicates people are running on the web at 3:00 am on September 20, 2019.

24 March 2016

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton says on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" if elected, she would open government archives on any unidentified aerial activity that would bar any risks to national security.

2 April 2014

During an appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" by ABC, Clinton reveals that he told helpers to investigate what the government knew about UFOs and Area 51 when he was president. He says, "Then I had people trying to look at the Area 51 archives, to make sure there was no alien down there."

8 December 2013

Barack Obama, US President became the first president to use the word "Area 51" in public at the 36th Annual Kennedy Center Honors, thus praising actress Shirley MacLaine, who has been outspoken about her long-standing fascination and belief in UFOs and the alien.

15 August 2013

The CIA publishes declassified documents which, for the first time, officially agree that Area 51 is a hidden US military site, following the 2005 FOIA order. The declassified records refer to the history of the aerial surveillance systems U-2 and A-12 OXCART that was designed and tested at Area 51.


Funding ends for the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, the secret UFO office for the Pentagon. Over five years, the office spent $22 million collecting and analyzing what they viewed as "anomalous threats to aerospace."

17 May 2011

Annie Jacobsen Journalist book on Area 51: An Uncensored Account of America's Highest Secret Military Base," is released.


Dr. Jeffrey T. Richelson, a senior fellow at the George Washington National Security Archive, filed an application for a Freedom of Information Act. The FOIA request information on the "Lockheed U-2 plane surveillance program" of the CIA.

September 2003

US President George W. Bush signs an Environmental Protection Agency memorandum. The Administrator's memorandum states, "I deem it in the paramount interest of the United States to exclude the United States Air Force's operational position near Groom Lake, Nevada, subject to litigation, from any relevant disclosure obligation to unauthorized persons of classified information.

23 July 1996

A citizens' case is brought between former Area 51 workers and the Environmental Protection Agency ( EPA). The court finds that the EPA's Administrator has performed her statutory duties regarding the monitoring and inventory of the operating site near Groom Lake.

6 March 1996 

An individual complaint is brought by former Area 51 workers and the Department of Defense. The plaintiffs (former employees) claimed violations of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act "in processing, handling, and disposing of hazardous waste at the operational site near Groom Lake." 

30 January 1996

US President Bill Clinton signs a presidential order exempting "the operational site of the Air Force near Groom Lake, Nevada from any federal, state, interstate or local laws on hazardous or solid waste which may require the disclosure to unauthorized persons of confidential information concerning that location."

8 September 1994

The US Air Force gives a report stating that the wreckage recovered from a classified government project called Project Mogul in Roswell, New Mexico, in July 1947, often referred to as the "Roswell Incident," consisted of a smashed portion of the balloons, sensors, and radar reflectors.

13 May 1989

George Knapp, KLAS (CBS affiliate in Las Vegas) reporter - interviews with Bob Lazar, who outlines Area 51 in detail. Lazar claims to work with physicists attempting to "back-engineer a crashed alien spacecraft." Public interest in the base is created by the interview.

26 August 1976

In a memo to General David C. Jones from the Deputy Director of Central Intelligence, E.H. Knoche, the Chief of Staff of the Air Force, the Committee on Foreign Intelligence of the National Security Council accepted the proposal that Area 51 control be shifted from the CIA to the Air Force by the fiscal year 1978.


Inadvertently Skylab astronauts take photographs of Area 51. The photographs are checked by the National Center for Photographic Interpretation ("NPIC") and then separated from the film rolls and deposited in a restrictive vault.

13 October 1961

In a letter to Bissell- CIA Inspector General Lyman Kirkpatrick, now Deputy Director of Plans at the CIA, writes that Area 51 tends to be "highly vulnerable to unauthorized detection under its existing security arrangements."

July 1955

The CIA starts designing the high altitude U-2 spy plane using Area 51. Certain aircraft, including the OXCART (a supersonic reconnaissance A-12 aircraft) and the stealth ground-attack jet F-117, are also evaluated at the site later on.

12 April 1955

CIA officer Richard Bissell, who oversees the creation of the U-2 plane, first sees the site, which would be known as Area 51 while on an "aerial exploration mission." Bissell and three others, including Col. Osmund Ritland and Kelly Johnson, director of Skunk Works at the Lockheed Corporation, agree that the area will 'make a perfect location for testing U-2 training pilots' and ask the Atomic Energy Commission to connect the area to its Nevada real estate holdings.

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Area 51- FAQ

1. Where is Area 51 located?

Area 51 refers to a location on the map and is the common name for the United States Air Force base. It is at Groom Lake, a dry lake bed in the Nevada Desert, 85 miles (135 km) north of Las Vegas

2. What does the Area 51, 20 September 2019 report say?

According to Lincoln County Sheriff, two persons are arrested. There are one alcohol-related arrest and the arrest for indecent exposure of a Canadian resident. One woman comes close to the crossing and is held briefly and released at the scene.